“Archetypes in Harmony with Nature” Free Video

“Archetypes in Harmony with Nature” Free Video

Archetypes in Harmony with Nature

The natural world is us and we are the natural world. We are one and the same. Only now are we remembering this truth.

It is time for the spell, the illusion, the mythology that we are separate from nature to fall away. Our connection with all of life is archetypal and integral to our wellbeing.

In this free video, Stacey Couch explores eight archetypes that help us come into harmony with the natural world: goddess, nature child, destroyer, networker, engineer, magician, shaman and guardian.

We find these archetypes in our inner wilderness and outdoor experiences. Working with archetypes in nature helps us learn new ways to come into balance.

These archetypes are both literally at work via the forces in nature and symbolically at work influencing our human nature. Weaving the themes of natural disasters, spirit animals, nature spirits, and world mythology we see how we are stitched into the very fabric of the wild world.

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