slave archetype

The Slave Archetype

The Slave Archetype The slave archetype is almost always seen in the shadow. We understand what it means to be utterly under the control of someone else. This control can be so absolute that a person in the clutches of the shadow slave loses her identity altogether. She has no concept of free will. The slave in the shadow can appear soulless, to have lost all sense of value. A commodity to be passed around and used up, this person…

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lion symbolism

Spirit Animals: LION SYMBOLISM

Lion Symbolism The king of the jungle, lion symbolism represents royalty and supreme authority. Most people think that having lion as a spirit animal means they get to be the king or queen and boss other people around, but ultimately this is about ruling your emotions and actions. Forget needing to be in charge of the world. Be in charge of yourself. Having the true heart of a lion is being the master over yourself, acting from your values, and…

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explorer archetype

The Explorer & Pioneer Archetype

The Explorer Archetype The explorer archetype is an adventurer who is excited to be in new places and see new things. The person with this archetype is the one who climbs the mountain simply because it is there. He wants to go see it, check it out, and experience it. He’s up for whatever. The explorer is willing to try new things and take risks. There is always a new horizon. The person in the full expression of the explorer archetype…

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networker archetype

The Networker Archetype

The Networker Archetype Meet the one who conceives connections and fosters communication. The networker archetype works the web upon which society and life itself depends. A social media junkie in the shadow, the ultimate expression of the networker archetype is divine. Her ability to conduct like an orchestra the interrelatedness of all things is a gift to us all. Extroversion vs. Introversion The stereotype of the networker depicts her as the social butterfly at the cocktail party. She is the…

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magician archetype

The Magician Archetype

The Magician Archetype The magician archetype is expressed in the wizard, witch, sorcerer, alchemist, and spell-caster. The magician is the carrier of secret knowledge. He is initiated specifically to contain, channel and direct power. He knows the mystical laws and possesses mastery over nature. The magician and wizard are geniuses of negotiating power. Any true specialist in a field may be drawing on the power of the magician. Examples are doctors, therapists, stockbrokers, lawyers, and healers. Magicians are all around us…

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king archetype

The King & Queen Archetypes

The Queen and King Archetype Both rulers of the kingdom and royal court, the queen and king archetype are two sides of the same coin. On the surface, they simply play different gender roles. However, the expectations and inclinations of the genders are varied enough that we see completely distinct patterns of behavior and disparate mythologies arise out of each archetype. Before delving into the distinctive details, let’s first consider the commonalities. The king and queen archetypes are first and…

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sacred contracts chart of origin

How to: Casting Your Sacred Contracts Chart of Origin

What is a Chart of Origin? The Chart of Origin is a wheel that contains the twelve archetypes that make up your Sacred Contract for this lifetime. It was invented by New York Times best-selling author Caroline Myss. Stacey Couch is an Archetypal Consultant certified through Caroline Myss’s education institute. Stacey works as mentor for students in Caroline Myss’ Sacred Contracts Online school. With the Chart of Origin you have a chance to know much more about what motivates you as well…

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crow symbolism

Spirit Animals: CROW SYMBOLISM

Crow Symbolism Just as crows proliferate in the company of humans, so too do stories of crow symbolism. Associations with crow spirit animal can vary from mischief to benevolence, from creation to death. Crow is the carrier of light and the embodiment of darkness. Crow is known worldwide and nearly every culture has myths about him. The symbology of crow is vast and contradictory and there is a lot of information out there about crow symbolism. Rather than go into a…

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mediator archetype

The Mediator Archetype

The Mediator Archetype Known as the go-between, the peacemaker, the middleman, the negotiator, the ambassador, the diplomat, the moderator and the liaison, the mediator archetype plays a powerful role in families, communities, businesses and nations. This level-headed force saves humanity from more disharmony, violence and war than we can imagine. The mediator archetype is part of the glue that holds society together. The Need for Harmony By definition someone who has the mediator archetype is “a person who attempts to make people involved…

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addict archetype

The Addict Archetype

Addict Archetype We all have at least a little bit of the addict archetype in us. Sometimes it features more prominently than we’d like. We all have cravings, we all go overboard, and we all struggle to learn discipline. The shadow of the addict archetype shows up to help us numb depression, self-loathing, overwhelm, shame and other unfavorable emotions. When we feel an intense desire for control we do exactly the opposite, lose it. The most obvious addictions are to…

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