The Benefits of Shamanic Journeying

Throughout time, shamanic practitioners are known for their ability to enter an altered state of consciousness, called “shamanic journeying” to visit the spirit worlds. These initiated, trained and chosen spiritual leaders practice as mediators between community members, the spirit realms and the natural world. Understanding the mechanisms for how energy moves, how illness operates, and how healing is bestowed are all the domain of the shamanic practitioner. A lot falls under the umbrella of the shaman. Many get caught up in web of…

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dolphin symbolism


Dolphin Symbolism The medicine of dolphin symbolism is often expressed in simple, light-hearted associations of peace, joy, harmony and playfulness. Writers highlight how dolphin spirit animal teaches us to use our breath and work with Mana, or life force. All of these things apply, but dolphin symbolizes so much more. Of all the animals of the sea, it is likely that dolphin is the most trusted of human companions. ( with the exception of a really good surf board or the best stand up paddle…

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martyr archetype

The Martyr Archetype

The Revered Martyr Archetype In modern psychological terms, the martyr archetype is seen as a manipulative adversary, but her history is much more virtuous. To be a martyr used to be one of the most respected positions in society. There are countless monuments all over the world dedicated to martyrs. To Bear Witness The word martyr comes from the Greek word, meaning ‘witness’. To witness in this sense is a different use of the word than you may expect. The martyr is called to…

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Find the Right Timing for Healing

Is time linear, circular or parallel? Depending on our perspective, we may be influencing our own healing. Chronos: Linear Time Regardless of the spelling, the name Chronus/Cronus/Khornos/Chronos, is associated with linear time and the early origins of the Earth. In some myths Khronos is a serpent with the heads of a man, a bull and a lion. He paired with the serpent goddess Ananke. They coiled around the primal egg and split it open to create the earth. In other…

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duck symbolism

Spirit Animals: DUCK SYMBOLISM

Duck Symbolism Often when I write these articles on spirit animals I like to take a systematic approach, but with duck symbolism there are forces at work that are drawing me a different direction. For the last week or so, I’ve contemplated duck spirit animal and what the meaning of these sweet, sweet souls is. As always, it is technically challenging to write about a group of animals that has over 100 different species with widely varied characteristics. However, I never expected this inquiry…

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artist archetype

The Artists Archetype

The Artist Archetype The artist archetype at the very core is connected, intimately, with the cosmic creative force of the universe. The artist wants nothing but to bring the abstract, intangible idea of beauty into form. This is no small task. It has driven many to madness. Many others have been emancipated by the opportunity to express splendor. What is in the realm of the unseen and the intangible, becomes able to touch, taste, see, hear and feel with our five senses. Art…

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lizard meaning

Spirit Animals: LIZARD MEANING

Lizard meaning is a global symbol, seeing that these tenacious and ancient creatures are found on all continents except Antarctica and in all environments expect deep ocean and extreme cold. The first ancestors of lizards arose on earth around 200 million years ago. There are an estimated 4,675 species of lizard around the world and they vary widely in shape, color and lifestyle. The Lizard Brain What all lizards have in common is the primal, reptilian brain. Lizards share this brain type…

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The Mother Archetype

Let’s get the first, most obvious question out of the way. Do you have to have biological or adopted human children to have the mother archetype? The answer is absolutely, “No”. Both women and men can mother nieces and nephews, friend’s children, and adults who act like children. The mother archetype doesn’t require an actual child to nurture either. She can treat siblings, parents, friends, employees, and co-workers like children. She can mother her pets, her garden, and her land. Companies and organizations need plenty…

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fire prayer

Kneeling at the Hearth

First thing every morning throughout five or six months of the year, I build and light a fire in my fireplace. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to stay in bed past my husband so that he can warm the house before I crawl out from underneath my cozy flannel sheets and down comforter, but most mornings my duty is the fire. When the routine starts in November, I do it begrudgingly. I dislike getting up and fumbling in the dark for…

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rebel archetype

The Rebel Archetype

The Rebel Archetype Pushes Back Revolution is the first stage of transformation. The rebel archetype is the natural archetype to step in and help us break free of the mold. We all need at least a little bit of the rebel. Sometimes we need every ounce of rebel’s power pushing back against the tide of what we’ve made of our lives. Do you just want out? Have you had enough and do you want it to end already? The rebel archetype is…

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