bee symbolism

Spirit Animals: BUSY BEE

There is a plethora of beautiful information available about the general qualities of bee symbolism such as fertility, communication, hard work, rewards, etc. For some variety, I’m going to give a more detailed look at lesser known aspects of bee symbology and biology.  Bee Symbolism of the Hive There are only seven species of honey bee, which is a very small portion (0.04%) of the 20,000 bee species on earth. We know the honey bee best because they are the…

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warrior archetype

The Warrior Archetype

The warrior is a masculine archetype, but this does not mean that women can’t express the characteristics of a warrior. From what I’ve seen women are just as likely as men to fall under the influence of this pattern. The word warrior contains the word “war”, which is what this archetype is about. Conflict is the name of the game. The Warrior Archetype in Battle To exist the warrior needs a battle to fight. The first question you must ask…

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spring equinox rituals

How to: Spring Equinox Rituals

Spring equinox rituals can be synonymous with Easter traditions, but there is more to this celestial holiday than many people realize. The spring equinox (otherwise known as the “first day of spring”) is a turning point in the seasons when the sun reaches its zenith over the celestial equator. Or, more plainly, it comes to the midpoint in its journey from north to south. On an equinox, both the northern and southern hemispheres are equally illuminated. From the Latin word meaning…

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falcon symbolism

Spirit Animals: FALCON FURY

The current information about falcon symbolism fails to encompass many of the amazing adaptations of the entire family of falcons. When most people think of a falcon they think there is just one species, but “falcon” refers to a family of birds of prey. There 37 species of falcon subdivided into four groups – kestrels, hobbies, traditional falcons (such as peregrine falcon and prairie falcon), and hierofalcons (such as gyrfalcon and lanner falcon). Reaping the Power of Falcon Symbolism The falcon is…

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power of imagination

The Power of Imagination & The Shamanic Journey

The Power of Imagination The power of imagination is devalued in our culture. We are told to leave our imaginations behind in our childhood. The saying, “it is just your imagination” becomes a way to dismiss experiences we can’t explain via route of the five senses. We do everything we can to avoid talking about our imaginations and instead we brainstorm, practice creative visualization, dream up, and go on guided meditations. It’s all a silly ruse of semantics. We cannot not imagine. It…

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caregiver archetype

The Caregiver Archetype

One of Carl Jung’s primary archetypes, the caregiver archetype is akin to the servant archetype in Caroline Myss’s model. Many people lump a whole host of archetypes under the umbrella of the caregiver which can confuse our understanding of this fundamental archetypal pattern. Selfless Service of the Caregiver Archetype The main attribute that characterizes the caregiver archetype is a desire to serve others and to forget oneself in doing so. The path of the caregiver archetype is the same selfless action that Lord Krishna and…

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duckling rescue

A Duckling Rescue Story

I had a thought provoking comment on my blog about Dove Spirit Animal today from a fellow who was moving across the country and took a wild mourning dove with him. After three days in the car together, the man released the dove in a completely new habitat. You’ll have to read his story as well as my response to see what path that leads down. Through his question another thread spoke to me in the form of a memory I…

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tiger spirit animal meaning


Courage, Strength & Tiger Spirit Animal The most common associations with tiger spirit animal are courage and strength, which are very easy to understand. Tiger has a fierce reputation known for preying on humans and taking down prey twice his own weight. The tiger is rivaled in size only by lions. There is no definitive evidence that tigers are, on average, bigger than lions, but, no matter, they are very, very big cats. Tigers can weigh upwards of 600 pounds…

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being compassionate

Are You Good at Being Compassionate?

Discovering Your Capacity for Being Compassionate About two years ago I added two questions to my intake form for new clients. I put the questions on my intake forms to learn more about each individual client and how she sees herself. The plan was to garner information from how these questions were scored and use it to tailor the content of conversations to best help each person. Here are the questions: On a scale of 1 to 10 how compassionate are you with others?…

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the trickster archetype

The Trickster Archetype

Daredevil skateboarders, snowboarders, BMX bikers, skiers, and motocross riders have an ever increasing dictionary of tricks. They are our modern day trick-sters, doing what defies logic and seems impossible while having a good time. An avid snowboarder for many years, I could never fathom what a rodeo flip was, let alone how to do it, but it didn’t matter, I still admired the beauty and grace of my trickster friends. These amazing tricks are a simple demonstration of how the…

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