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Finding Faith in the Midst of a Global Crisis

During these especially challenging times when our entire planet is facing a pandemic, a serious global health crisis, it is really important that we step back and take a look at how we are working with the survivor archetypes, which are the victim, saboteur, prostitute and child. The survivor archetypes can help us weather these times on firm ground, can help us find that firm ground when we lose it, and can help us hold that firm ground for those who have lost it.

I’ve talked to a lot of people around the world as this whole crisis has been unfolding, and I’ve found a huge variety of emotions coming up for different people. The emotions are anywhere from fearful, anxious, and worried, which we might expect, all the way to calm and peaceful. Some people are even excited about what’s going to emerge on the other side of this global transformation. Regardless how of how you are feeling about it, I’m sure you’re feeling something because collectively as the human race we are experiencing a crisis of faith. Even if you aren’t feeling a crisis of faith individually, you are still feeling it globally.

What are Your Values?

Any reflection that you can do with the prostitute archetype will serve you and serve the whole. When I talk about a crisis of faith, what I mean is that overall humanity has relied on certain things to feel safe. I use the word “things” purposefully because we rely on a sense of material security to feel safe. These things that we have relied on such as economies, healthcare systems and governments are failing us.

What people thought they could count on they can no longer count on. This is happening all over the globe. We are realizing collectively that our cultural values and where we put our priorities as a collective were misplaced. Our faith is in the material world, which fluctuates. We put our faith on financial markets which can go down. We put our faith in hospitals and hospital supplies which are limited. When the material world crumbles so too does our sense of security.

In my course on “The Prostitute: Living in Integrity,” I talk about cultural values and cultural priorities and how we adopt those through our upbringing and through our involvement in a culture. This is a really important time to stop and see where you’ve lost faith. The way you can do that is look at where you bought in to cultural values that might be failing you. Is your retirement crashing?Is your investment in the stock market not doing so well? Do you believe that if you eat well and you take certain supplements that you’ll be healthy and safe failing you right now?

Why are People Hoarding?

We also have an interesting shift in this crisis to valuing odd things like toilet paper. All of a sudden things like personal protective equipment and sanitizer are valuable. We can see the value of them right now, but two months ago most people wouldn’t have really cared if they had a bottle or two of hand sanitizer in their house. Most people didn’t own a face mask a month ago or care to have one.

When our safety is threatened, we get in survival mode and we get pulled into the shadow of the prostitute archetype. We start grasping for material things. That’s what the hoarding is about. We think to ourselves, “If I could just have these material things. I will be safe.” We put our faith in them, but as you know these things can fail and they can run out of stock.

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