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$220 per hour 

Archetypal consulting with Stacey Couch, Certified Archetypal Consultant, is for those of you who are brand new to archetypes or maybe just learning about Sacred Contracts. In addition, it is for current Sacred Contracts students who want help going to an advanced level. Whether you’re working with archetypes to learn about yourself or to eventually serve others, Stacey can help you get where you want to be in your understanding. Stacey Couch customizes each session to meet your needs and joins you exactly where you are in your process. Once your appointment time is scheduled, Stacey will contact you directly via email to discuss what you would like help with and to prepare for your consultation.

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Archetypal Consulting

Length: 60-90 minutes
Location: Any Where in the World!
Method: In Person, Phone, or Zoom

Archetypal consulting is a guided process through which you discover your unique set of personal archetypes. Through archetypal consulting you come to “know thyself” in new and exciting ways. This work is done via deep inquiry and self-reflection. Along the way, Stacey provides valuable teaching about the archetypes. It is her goal to help you know yourself better and find access to archetypal wisdom through this rich and fascinating work.

About Your Sacred Contract

  • Have you ever come across the idea that, on a soul level, you decided before you were born what to experience and learn in this lifetime?
  • Do you believe that you came here with a certain karma to resolve?
  • Do you feel that you are here to fulfill a given purpose?

This is called your Sacred Contract.

The ability to chart and read your Sacred Contract is possible because of Caroline Myss’s groundbreaking work developing the 12 archetype chart. Through the use of this Caroline Myss archetypes tool you examine your history and current choices from twelve different points of view. This model is similar to astrology in the revelations it brings, but much more simple to grasp. In astrology everything is predetermined. With the archetypal chart, you get to actively discern which archetypes are part of your contract. This makes the process interactive and fun.

What does Stacey do as an Archetypal Consultant?

As a Certified Archetypal Consultant, I guide people new to Sacred Contracts through the process of selecting the twelve archetypes that make up your Sacred Contract. Your Sacred Contract is a chart of your archetypal patterns. With this chart you can better understand what motivates you as well as what challenges and opportunities exist in your life. 

I teach about the four survivor archetypes that everyone has and help you select your individual child archetype. Among the choices are: Eternal Child, Wounded Child, Nature Child, Orphan Child, Magical Child, and Divine Child. Next, I guide you through the process of selecting the additional archetypes that are unique to you. Lastly, I give you instructions for casting your Sacred Contract.

Reading Sacred Contracts is one of my specialties. Whether you work with me to create your Sacred Contract chart or you create the chart on your own, I am here to help you interpret what it means. If you have no idea where to begin, I can do a full reading for you. If you have some guesses and would like to share them with me to see if they’re right, I can help confirm, refine, and augment the work you’ve already done.

Once you have your Sacred Contract in hand, you can work regularly with me to cast charts on day-to-day situations and challenges. These working charts open you up further to understanding and appreciating your own intuitive voice.

Reading the book Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss ahead of time can give you a giant jumpstart to the process, but I’m more than glad to start from scratch with you too. If you have a deck of Archetype Cards that is fantastic, but we have other online resources we can use. To read from Caroline about your Sacred Contract, I recommend starting here.

What are Archetypal Consulting sessions used for?

1.  Selecting your 12 natal archetypes

  • Discover the major archetypes you came into and travel through this life with
  • Learn about the four survivor archetypes
  • Choose your unique child archetype
  • Brainstorm a wide list of candidate archetypes
  • Narrow down your list of candidates
  • Compare and contrast similar archetypes

2. Reading your Chart of Origin

To receive this reading you must provide your Chart of Origin (also known as the Natal Wheel) to Stacey Couch. If you haven’t done this yet, Stacey can walk you through this portion of the process in preliminary Archetypal Consulting sessions. You may also do this yourself with the help of the book Sacred Contracts or the Sacred Contracts Online Course.

  • You provide your Chart of Origin (also known as a Natal Wheel) that you cast using the four survivor archetypes and the additional eight you selected
  • Stacey Couch goes through each archetype one-by-one looking at how it affects specific areas in your life: relationships, career, purpose, home, family, children, romance, identity, health, spirituality, and more.
  • You gain deep insight into how your intuition speaks to you and into what you are here to do this lifetime

3. INTERMEDIATE – Casting and reading working archetypal charts

  • Expand beyond your Sacred Contract to discover other archetypes you are working with in current time
  • Address your current situation and how to change it
  • Learn how to cast any number of charts with up to 36-archetypes!
  • Resource Archetype charts for a relationship or financial situation
  • Journey of Transformation charts to facilitate change in a specific area of your life
  • Fate to Destiny chart which shifts your fate to your destiny over the course of a year

4. ADVANCED – Mentoring for Professionals

  • Receive one-on-one support as you move through the Sacred Contracts Online (SCO) Course
  • Hone the ability to read yourself and your own charts well
  • Grow your confidence in reading other people’s charts
  • Have your questions about the evaluation process answered as well as receive help preparing for the evaluations
  • After professional certification – Gain valuable business advise for developing your practice as an archetypal consultant

All Archetypal Consulting Services include

  • MP3 recording of the session
  • Follow-up integration support via email

Stacey Couch’s Credentials

caroline myss archetypes



Stacey Couch is a Certified Archetypal Consultant (CAC) and Professional Mentor through the Caroline Myss Education (CMED) Institute. CMED is the education institute founded by world renowned and bestselling author Caroline Myss. Stacey’s background in shamanic journeywork and dream interpretation lend support to the symbolic sight needed to do Sacred Contracts readings. For Stacey the language of archetypes is a natural extension of her years of study interpreting spiritual guidance.

Stacey Couch as a CMED Mentor, currently evaluates and certifies students for CMED’s Sacred Contracts Online Course. She helps run Caroline’s Sacred Contracts Online school. So not only is she a practitioner of this work, she is also a teacher and mentor in the field. She teaches students who are looking to do Sacred Contract readings professionally so they have the opportunity to represent Caroline’s Sacred Contracts work in the world.

Sacred Contracts students of any level benefit from one-on-one support from Stacey. An ongoing student of Caroline Myss’s online classes, writings, and live workshops, Stacey is a passionate follower of Caroline’s work.


Still confused about what an archetype is? Click Here to Learn More


Stacey Couch is available for all services long-distance via phone or Zoom, which means she can work with you no matter where you are in the world! Stacey can also meet in person in Pagosa Springs, CO year-round. Please contact Stacey directly at to schedule an in-person appointment.

Below is a complimentary series of educational videos about Archetypes and your Sacred Contract.
To see the list of videos to watch, click on the “Playlist” button in the upper left hand corner. Enjoy!

These methods are not intended to replace the advice, diagnosis, and/or treatment of a medical professional. It is recommended that you seek the assistance of a health care provider (or veterinarian for your pets) if medical attention is necessary.

5 reviews for Archetypal Consulting – Book an Appointment

  1. Josie (verified owner)

    My work with Stacey has been an epiphany. I’ve had years of traditional counseling and therapy but never before have I found a path to such deep understanding of the archetypal forces within and around me. Her understanding, knowledge, and intuitive guidance have illuminated gifts and challenges I could’ve never identified on my own; each session brings a deeper level of transformation. Within her own unique style, she weaves in the words of spiritual masters: Teresa of Avila, Mother Teresa, St Francis of Assisi, Carolyn Myss, Marianne Willamson… in a powerful package of wisdom and grace. Thank you, Stacey.

  2. Almaz Tadesse

    One hour of archetypal consultancy with Stacey had an incredible effect on me. I felt so whole afterwards…as if I had gotten back home. There was so much relief in that. I felt that I had reclaimed so many parts of myself. Suddenly, I was whole, in harmony and completely immersed in the present moment. There was no past and there was no future, just the now.
    Life can be a very lonely path and it is so easy to get lost in it. I think each one of us needs to have someone like Stacey, someone who can help remind us of who we are, of our strength and help us see how our shadow parts can help us discover a whole new world about ourselves.
    She’s amazing!

  3. Remy Nirschl (verified owner)

    Did a 2 hour Archetypal Wheel consultation. The time flew by fast. Stacey help guide me to understand my natal archetypal wheel that has shaped the whole of my life thus far. I’ve been to several counselors who could only reach the surface of my personality. Stacey’s interpretation went to the core of who I am. Counselors talk about empowerment, however, this tool and Stacey’s guidance showed me “how to” be empowered. What a blessing to have found “Sacred Contracts” and have Stacey as my coach to understanding Archetypal process. Thanks Stacey, your awesome!

  4. Kit

    I have had several session with Stacey Couch as a instructional coach for the Sacred Contracts Online class that I am currently taking. The Wisdom and Clarity that Stacey provides in her sessions with you are illuminating and holy conversations. I can’t wait for our future sessions as I know I will continue to be inspired by her guidance to journey deeper inward and be invigorated by the sacredness of living in the present moment. Thank you Stacey Couch you are a Blessing!

  5. Kristina Adams

    Insightful and life changing! If you get a chance to work with Stacey, don’t hesitate – she has helped me to see and understand myself through the holy language of archetypes. Read through the many archetype definitions she has crafted for a better understanding and applicable examples. Thank you Stacey!

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