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Reading Archetypes to Accept Others


We are constantly reading other people’s archetypes, but this is an unconscious talent that we skip over. Learn how to find this ability and use it to revolutionize the way you relate to others. Come out of stereotyping and into the compassionate use of archetypal language. In this 90-minute online class learn how to tap into the ability to read someone using archetypes, find new ways to avoid framing others by first impressions, catch the judgement and roll it back to the guidance, turn negative opinions into even minded observations, modulate your responses, and downsize your chances of being blindsided by other people’s behavior. Discover how to use archetypal language to break free from old patterns in relationships of any kind from family to friend to romance.

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Online Class:
Reading Archetypes to Accept Others

Aired Wednesday, Dec. 7th, 2016

Did you know that you are doing archetype readings of others all of the time? They happen instantaneously, so fast we don’t even notice. This ability to do spontaneous, intuitive readings is the basis for the opinions we form of others.

As a child you may have been taught not to judge or pigeon hole others. I bet that many of you decided at a young age to be open minded and not close off based on first impressions. In the process, you shut down your intuition for fear of being prejudicial. You gave up one extreme for another. Now the other person gets the benefit of the doubt, while you shun your inner knowing. You find betrayal where you least expect it.

If you took the other route and decided to trust your gut rather than be nice when it comes to forming opinions of others, you may be frustrated with how hard it is to be loving. Your inner sense about someone turns into hard judgements that you are constantly working to dissolve. You miss genuine opportunities for relationship because the good in the other person slipped by you. Have you ever realized too late that someone would have made a great friend? But now they are leaving town and you are out of luck.

In this 90-minute online class about “Accepting Others” learn both sides of the equation and receive practical steps to being more kind while honoring your intuition. Using the language of archetypes helps us come out of our small mind and into a more compassionate way of being.

Watch this video preview of one of the topics covered in this online class:

In this Online Class Learn How To:

  • Tap into the ability to read someone using archetypes
  • Find new ways to avoid framing others by first impressions
  • Catch the judgement and roll it back to the guidance
  • Turn negative opinions into even minded observations
  • Modulate your responses
  • Downsize your chances of being blindsided by other people’s behavior
  • Break free from old patterns in relationships of any kind from family to friend to romance

In addition, there are distinct differences between stereotypes and archetypes. Discovering the hallmark ways we all stereotype helps you know what to watch within yourself. Not stopping there, you can break out of the box of limited perceptions of others and come into a more compassionate, generous, loving and kind way of being in the world. Ultimately, that’s what we all want for ourselves right? To be better friends, parents, siblings, lovers, and strangers… to be more loving towards our neighbors.

What are Archetypes?

Archetypes are universal patterns of power that coordinate how we think and feel. All we have to do is say “angel” or “hermit” and instantly others know what kind of person we are talking about. This is indicative of the amount of power that each archetype contains. The Greek origin of the word “archetype” comes from the words archē meaning “beginning or original” and typos meaning “pattern, model or type”. Thus an archetype is the original or first pattern from which all others are made of.

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REFUNDS: Due to the nature of this offering, there are no refunds for the online classes.
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