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SCO Workshop – Journey of Transformation

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Join Certified Archetypal Consultant, Stacey Couch, and up to eleven other Sacred Contracts Online (SCO) students for weekly, live hour-long workshop. This is an intimate WORKSHOP setting where each student is invited to interact directly with Stacey and the other students on a regular basis. Your real-time attendance is required.

This upcoming workshop is focused on creating and interpreting your 36-archetype journey of transformation wheel as taught in class two of the SCO course. The beginning of this series is focused on discerning the intent to set for the wheel, what kairos archetypes to include, and how to cast the wheel. The last six sessions are focused on interpreting the wheel. Students who are in class two of SCO or beyond are welcome. You must be a student of Caroline Myss’s Sacred Contracts Online (SCO) course AND have meet specific requirements to attend (please see below for more details).

The series begins October 18, 2021 and is on Mondays at 9:30am Mountain Time. 

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Full Description

Join Certified Archetypal Consultant, Stacey Couch, and up to eleven other Sacred Contracts Online (SCO) students for an intimate, live hour-long workshop. Unlike other online classes, this is a WORKSHOP setting where each student is invited to interact directly with Stacey and the other students on a regular basis. Your real-time attendance is required.

This upcoming workshop is focused on creating and interpreting a 36-archetype journey of transformation wheel as taught in class two of the SCO course.

The first two sessions of this series are focused on how to discern and refine the intent for the wheel, what kairos archetypes to include, and how to cast the wheel. You are expected to cast and submit your wheel to Stacey before the third session. These first two sessions are lectures by Stacey with time for Q&A.

The last six sessions are focused on interpreting the Journey of Transformation wheel. In each session, Stacey works with 3-4 students to interpret the archetypes in one of their houses. Students and their wheels are featured on a rotating basis, so everyone gets an equal amount of time.

This is a fast-paced and intensive workshop that gives your studies a boost to the next level. Students are expected to be self-motivated, willing to listen and support fellow students, and be interested in learning about how to interpret the Journey of Transformation wheel. Students are NOT given a full reading of their personal charts – only three of your twelve houses are the focus of discussion. This workshop is about collaboration, learning from others, and learning through the example of Stacey’s teaching.

Please do not register for this course if you have not completed the requirements below. You need to be able to commit eight weeks to the process and meet set deadlines to get the most out of the workshop.


  • You must be a student of Caroline Myss’s Sacred Contracts Online (SCO) course to attend.
  • You must have viewed the videos and written material for chapters 1-4 in class two in the SCO course.
  • You must have already cast and interpreted your Chart of Origin in class one.

Once you register, you will be asked to complete an intake form as well as submit your Chart of Origin. If it is found that you do not meet the above requirements at the time of registration, your reservation will be cancelled and course fee will be refunded (minus a 4% processing fee). You are free to register for a different Journey of Transformation workshop once you have completed the requirements.

Workshop Schedule:

The first two meetings will run 90-minutes long, and all meetings after that will be 60-70 minutes each.

  • Oct 18 – First Meeting – Lecture and Q&A on setting/reviewing your intent (90-minutes)
  • Oct 25 – Second Meeting – Lecture and Q&A on choosing/reviewing your kairos archetypes (90-minutes)
  • Nov 1 – Third Meeting – Houses 1 & 2
  • Nov 7 – Daylight Savings Time ENDS in the U.S. 
  • Nov 8 – OFF
  • Nov 15 – Fourth Meeting –  Houses 3 & 4
  • Nov 22 – OFF
  • Nov 29 – Fifth Meeting – Houses 5 & 6
  • Dec 6 – Sixth Meeting – Houses 7 & 8
  • Dec 13 – Seventh MeetingHouses 9 & 10
  • Dec 20 – Eighth Meeting – Houses 11 & 12

This opportunity is perfect for you if you:

  • Are looking to connect with others passionate about this work
  • Are in classes two or three and looking for help with the material
  • Would like to expand your knowledge of archetypes and Sacred Contracts
  • Want to practice synthesizing your skills and get an idea of what you know
  • Want to learn from Stacey’s teaching how to do this work professionally
  • Are interested in professional certification and want to advance your skills
  • Are already certified and want support with self-reflection as well as to continue practicing readings
  • Find you’d like additional support but don’t have a budget for as much one-on-one consulting as you’d like

As an added benefit to registering, you will be added to Stacey’s private Facebook group of her current and former workshop students. This is a small subset of active SCO students who become your support team as you move through this course. In this Facebook group you can connect with students of this specific journey of transformation workshop and with other people studying with Stacey. You can also post questions or stories and receive feedback from Stacey and other students. It is a safe, intimate setting to engage and share in.

Important Details

Please check your calendars and your availability carefully. Make sure that the time and date work for you in your time zone. And be sure to reserve the time in your schedule. You can check the workshop time in your time zone here:

PLEASE NOTE: For those of you outside of the U.S., there is a time change in the U.S. on November 7th. The class time will move back an hour to 9:30am Mountain STANDARD Time (UTC -7).

Since this is a workshop for a small amount of people, your attendance is greatly appreciated once you register. There are no refunds for part or all of the course even if you are unable to attend one or more sessions. You must pay in advance to reserve your space.

Your participation is key to make this work.

In this digital era people tend to be more casual about online activities. I know I myself don’t always make it to the live events and I rely on recordings. That works really well for the mass presentations with one teacher speaking to thousands of students online, but for small, intimate workshops like this, live attendance is necessary.

Your fellow students need your voice and questions to enrich the experience. Out of respect for your fellow classmates, please don’t fail to show and take up the spot of someone who would have been able to attend and benefit from the discussion.

One week prior to the first session, you will receive an email with details on how to attend the event via your computer, mobile device or phone on Zoom. It is preferred that you attend the event via video conference, but you can also call in by phone. Included in the cost for this group is a link to download a video and audio recording of each session.

I so look forward to having you join me in this unique opportunity to explore the Sacred Contracts material further!

Registration for this course is non-refundable.


9 reviews for SCO Workshop – Journey of Transformation

  1. Nancy Brennan

    Learning the Journey of Transformation (JOT) initially appeared huge and daunting to me. Needless to say, I was relieved when I saw that Stacey was offering a study group to help me out!! It is still huge and complicated at times, but I am repeatedly drawn in by the beauty and power of this work. Stacey bulldozed our study group through the JOT with impeccable organization, clarity, kindness, knowledge, ease, and skill. I am still a work in progress, and I am forever grateful!! I look forward to Stacey’s fate to destiny course next year.

  2. Valerie Queyrel

    Stacey is an incredible lady, with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Her groups are supportive, inspirational and fun!
    Strongly recommend…

  3. Debbie Charbonneau

    Participating in the study group was a great support to my ongoing study of archetypes. Being able to share, discuss, ask questions, and tap into Stacey’s wisdom was an asset. Stacey facilitated the group with excellence. I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to delve into their journey of transformation.

  4. Maureen Oehrle (verified owner)

    As a Sacred Contracts Online student, I was finding it challenging to really understand the influences of the 12 Houses. I am so glad I signed up for Stacey’s Journey of Transformation Study Group because it was in these weekly live meetings that the material with which I was struggling finally started to “gel” for me. Stacey is amazing with her knowledge of Archetypes and the Houses and she is so professional, warm and approachable. It was such an enjoyable and beneficial experience.

  5. Effie Baltadaki (verified owner)

    Thank you Stacey, for such wise guidance and generous sharing. Thank you for your entire endless insight. So grateful to you!
    We are blessed to receive all your teaching!

  6. Hannah Mercer (verified owner)

    Stacey is a very thoughtful, thorough
    and informative teacher.

  7. Traci Rosenberg (verified owner)

    If you are serious about being an archetypal consultant working with Stacey is a must! The JOT class allows you to explore 36 archetypes and there is so much to know. Each time I thought I did a good job of interpreting the chart, Stacey would give her insights and blow the roof off of it. I don’t know how anyone could pull all of this information together without her guidance. She is absolutely brilliant at this work. I feel so blessed to have the privilege of studying with her. Don’t miss out!

  8. teresa gianfelice (verified owner)

    working with Stacey and the group was great. my understanding of the archetypes and JOT chart really deepened. Stacey is knowledgeable and supportive, a truly excellent guide and teacher. highly recommend this course (or any other by Stacey).

  9. Kathryn Mitchell (verified owner)

    I have been positively and soulfully impacted by the unique combination of Stacey Couch’s talents/skills, class model, and content. My treasure chest from the course is the on-demand access to resources of live classes in both audio and video versions. In the JOT class, there are complex relationships between archetypes across the Chronos / Kairos / Cosmic wheels that can be overwhelming.
    Stacey’s intuitive understanding of JOT statements and how archetypes offer guidance in a house modeled relevant and meaningful connections for me. Stacey Couch’s study group model with peers offered me an ideal opportunity to learn how to take the Sacred Contractracts content and integrate it into my everyday life. Stacey made a point to cover all the survival archetypes while not repeating their presence with another particular archetype. This was intriguing and particularly impressive.

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