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Stacey is NO LONGER conducting Shamanic Healing Sessions. If you would like a referral to another Shamanic Practitioner, please email Stacey at If you would like to work with Stacey and learn more from her, the following services are available:

Shamanic healing with Stacey Couch, Certified Shamanic Practitioner, is available for clients all over the world. Each Shamanic Healing Session includes a custom journey conducted and narrated real-time for you as well as a soul retrieval. In each session we discover the spirit animals and guides who are coming forward to help you at this time. Spiritual guidance comes through during the journey offering insight into your current life circumstances. You connect with lost aspects of your personal power via soul retrieval to find parts of you that have been lost due to illness, injury, heartache, betrayal, and more.

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Shamanic Healing Session

Stacey is NO LONGER conducting Shamanic Healing Sessions. If you would like a referral to another Shamanic Practitioner, please email Stacey at If you would like to work with Stacey and learn more from her, the following services are available:

Length: 2 hours for First Session, 90 minutes for Follow-up Sessions
Location: Any Where in the World!
Method: In Person, Phone, Skype or Zoom

Every Shamanic Healing Session includes:

  • Spiritual direction dialogue
  • Live, narrated shamanic journey, so you can listen real-time. Journeys include…
    • Soul retrieval healing
    • Spirit animal retrieval
    • Guidance from the spirits
  • Dialogue about the shamanic journey with insights
  • Interpretation and further analysis of the journey
  • MP3 recording of the journey and discussion afterwards
  • Follow-up integration support via email

Your very first Shamanic Healing Session is 2 hours and also includes:

  • Instructions about how to understand the shamanic journey and shamanic landscape
  • Teaching about soul retrieval and spirit animals

Want to step into your power, but don’t know what’s next?
Welcome to the world of shamanic healing.

Here the very essence of your being lives in the infinite and eternal. Lost aspects of your soul are reaching out to you from the mystery to guide your way. Here you can connect with the true power you have missed. In the world of shamanic healing, the talents and gifts of your authentic self come streaming back. Your purpose awaits you.

Here your past, your woundings, your fears, and your doubts have no authority over you, none. Here you abolish those fears and rewrite your story. In the world of shamanic healing, you enter into an endless realm of possibilities.


Shamanic Healing with Stacey L. L. Couch

In Stacey’s words…

I offer shamanic healing to clients all over the world. This work transcends the boundaries of time and space. Using the ancient technique of the shamanic journey, I go on the journey for you. We discover the spirit animals and guides who are coming to help you at this time. You have the opportunity to connect with lost aspects of your personal power as I conduct a soul retrieval to find parts of you that have been lost due to illness, injury, heartache, shock, betrayal, humiliation, and more.

Connect with your gifts, not your wounds, and feel like finally you are able to be yourself. You may also receive guidance, protection and cleansing depending on what you are struggling with in your life.

At the start of our time together, I listen with an open heart to offer spiritual direction for what you’ve come to me for help with. If you’d like to set an intent for the healing, I assist with that as well.

Before the very first shamanic journey, I walk you through the entire process. Many clients find this extremely helpful because they have some trepidation about what will happen and what they need to do. I fill in all the blanks by teaching you the basics of the shamanic journey, the shamanic landscape, soul retrieval and spirit animals. There is time for questions as well.

The good news is that there is nothing more expected of you during the shamanic journey than to sit back, relax and listen in. Many people think they need to know how to journey or at least have an active imagination to participate and neither of these things are needed to benefit from a Shamanic Healing Session. You don’t need to have any prior experience with shamanism.

During the shamanic journey on your behalf I narrate the entire experience while you listen. When the 35-45 minute journey is complete, I deliver the healing to you either in person or via a long-distance healing journey. 

After the journey, we recap what happened, you share what you saw and felt, and I offer valuable insight into what the messages might mean and how to integrate the healing. In the weeks following your healing session, I am available by email to answer any follow-up questions and assist the integration of your new personal power. The session is recorded and emailed to you as an MP3 recording.

II perform shamanic healings for humans, animals, and places in person or long-distance. Tailored to suit your needs, the shamanic healing sessions for animals can be for just you or for the heart between you and your animal companion. 

Most clients find that one or two Shamanic Healing Sessions per month gives them more than plenty to work with. After 2-4 week’s time, they have fully embodied their new power, the healing has completed its work, and they are ready to move forward with more shamanic healing.

Have the opportunity to feel fully in your body for the first time in a long time.


Click here to learn more about Shamanic Healing and Soul Retrieval


Stacey Couch is available for all services long-distance via phone, Skype or Zoom, which means she can work with you no matter where you are in the world! Stacey can also meet in person in Pagosa Springs, CO year-round. Please contact Stacey directly at to schedule an in-person appointment.

Below is a complimentary series of educational videos from Stacey Couch about the process of soul retrieval. To see the list of videos to watch, click on the “Playlist” button in the upper left hand corner. Enjoy!



NOTE: These methods are not intended to replace the advice, diagnosis, and/or treatment of a medical professional. It is recommended that you seek the assistance of a health care provider (or veterinarian for your pets) if medical attention is necessary.



6 reviews for Shamanic Healing Session – Book an Appointment

  1. Alyssa

    There are many modes to healing however nothing has compared to the transformation that has occurred within me since I began soul retrievals with Stacey. If you are stuck, shut down, existing not living and seek to move forward, she’s your Shaman and soul retrievals are the way! With Immense Gratitude, Alyssa

  2. Martha Fitzharris

    Hi Stacey,

    I’m just writing to update you on the positive effects of the soul retrieval I had with you last December .
    So far I have seen the most significant improvement in that adrenal weakness issue and my energy levels are much much better.
    Also the awful low depressive feeling has left me. Both issues had plagued me for the whole of 2016!

    Another significant positive is the new found self respect that I am experiencing. I haven’t felt that since I was back in my early 20s!

    So all good so far and probably I will see more as I the months pass.

    I may come back to you at a later date this year to see if there are any other lost soul parts that need retrieving!

    Thank you so much for the great work that you do. I wish more people knew how effective and life changing it can be!

  3. Jayne Erickson

    Running across Stacey Couch in YouTube, and then watching many of the videos posted, I resonated with her message. When I decided to contact her for a session, the well designed website and quick response made the process easy. I felt very much at ease with Stacey and the session was all I could have hoped for!

  4. Patricia Sablock

    I cannot thank Stacey enough for helping me transform my life. She is naturally gifted in the art of Soul Retrieval. Specifically, she is helping me to understand the root cause behind my physical illness and how to heal it. Thanks to Stacy, I have increased my vitality and have expanded my sense of wholeness and well-being. My life is unfolding in ways that I could never have imagined, and I anticipate each day with a sense of wonderment.

    When I mention to others my work with Stacey, their usual response is, “How can you afford to pay her fee?” And my response is, “How can I afford not to?” It’s like the cliche, “Where there is a will there is a way.” I don’t believe many people have had the experience that the Universe always meets us half-way when we are willing to trust and surrender.

  5. Tracy

    Having been around for a fairly long time, I have experienced many different healing modalities. All of them have aided in the consciousness experiment that is my life, but I can honestly say that none have had the wonderfully profound effect of a soul retrieval as so gently and artfully managed by Stacey. She proceeded with a care and quality of gentle inquisition that allowed my rather recalcitrant soul parts to agree to come back. The effects of this very recent work have just begun to manifest in clear ways and are rather astounding. I highly recommmend that you agree to the free recording for later playback as sometimes there is much more to gather from replaying the events.

    Stacey was quick to answer the question that I sent my email and does offer more if one needs a deeper understanding of the interpretations of the symbols from a shamanic point of view. Then again, all things are personal and this is not work that is just a singular-occasion style of reading, but will benefit one who is really interested in searching out their own symbols and interpretation to allow for the integration and understanding of why these soul aspects chose to hide/leave and what gifts they bring in coming home.

    If you are seeking a deeper understanding of who you are, perhaps why things sometimes feel stuck and what limits you are facing in your journey, a soul retreival might be very helpful in accessing those depths in order to move forward and feel whole again. I cannot imagine a more confident, yet gentle and encouraging choice than to have Stacey tread the path between you and your own soul.


    No review is aimed at singing the praises of someone else because this is not the reason for submitting a review, rather it is an opportunity to share an experience and to invite someone else to live his/her own experience within themselves with somebody else’s assistance
    I am Italian so I had to speak and listen to another language, different from mine, but it was not a hurdle at all, Stacey speaks a wonderful neat pristine english so it was easy to understand her
    the journey that Stacey had for me was exactly what was happening inside of me, what was the main problem in my life, something that propably I was carrying around for so much time
    This is my first day after that day, after soul retrieval and my feeling is that something inside of me has been “touched”, has been contacted again.. at last, I would add..Stacey’s work is not something that can be described as miraculous because this is not the ground on which the match is played
    The whole matter has to do with our inner consciousness, inside which everything happens and it is there where Stacey intervenes, giving her unique contribution with her shamanic dream, unfolding our soul aspects that need to be get in touch with again
    I can’t share my personal dream but I can assure it was really “real”, pertinent with my own inner reality, it is something I’ll be able to work on throughout next days
    I am fully satisfied of the experience and I strongly suggest anybody else to try this new experience, not in search for a magic wand but in search for one’s own inner truth, which is the main goal of this healing technique, if I can use this expression
    Stacey is patient, loving, careful so it is really easy to get along with her during the healing session.. so, of course 5 stars to her job.. I read some comment about the price of each appointment somewhere, but my answer is “how much is the worth of your inner knowledge ? Just a handful of dollars ?! ”
    I think that our inner dimension is really worth much, much more than that
    So if you have some hesitation, do dive into this new experience, you will neither lose a penny of your time nor you will be disappointed..try it and see for yourself !
    Thank you

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