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Stacey performed a thoughtful interview with us months before the wedding and wrote a beautiful, original ceremony that enraptured us and the guests. Her quiet power as officiant reassured us when we were our most nervous and commanded the attention of the guests. We are so grateful that she was able to take the time to understand our wants, needs, hopes, and goals and incorporate these into the ceremony. Her words have traveled with us throughout our marriage and helped us understand each other, remind us of our commitment, and guide our path.” – Juliet (& Alexis) Poullion, 2007

I have heard nothing but high praise for you and the service you provided for us. I still tear up whenever I read the ceremony. Thank you again for an incredible job.” – Trish (& Randall) Davis, 2013

Stacey! Thank you for a truly touching ceremony! I know that Jessika and I will never truly be able to thank you for how special you made our day! You made our wedding so easy and yes so hard (your words made me want to cry the whole time). Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!” – Matthew (& Jessika) Wade, 2013

As an ordained minister, Stacey Couch, brings a calming yet commanding presence to the ceremonies she performs. As a wife of over 10 years, she brings a depth of understanding about how the marriage of two souls can change lives. As a shamanic practitioner, Stacey skillfully creates a non-demoninational, inclusive atmosphere that carries a heartfelt power. Her specialty is in outdoor, nature-based weddings.

Custom Wedding Ceremony

To have the words spoken on one of the most important days of your life be personalized and heartfelt is a gift. This is what many brides and grooms prefer, but all of the other aspects and planning for the day can overwhelm the process and crowd out the script. Additionally, most couples have no idea how a ceremony is arranged or what should be said. They just know they love each other, they want to celebrate, and they want their guests to have a great time, but they aren’t sure they can trust just anyone to do the job. They want to hand over the ceremony to a professional without losing the personal. By means of a casual and thought-provoking interview in advance of the wedding, Stacey is able to gather the elements she needs to make a ceremony that is all yours. She offers suggestions on different rituals and prayers. She comfortably guides you towards a plan and then takes care of the rest. On your wedding day she sets a calm, celebratory and loving space for a beautiful ceremony. ($215)

Add a Spiritual Healing …

Curious about the larger picture of your relationship and what you each bring to it? Prior to the ceremony, Stacey Couch can perform a shamanic healing for you both. So many couples don’t want to speak of the emotional scars they have, but now is a great time to mend the wounds AND bring forward the talents and gifts you are contributing to the marriage. Stacey offers support in lovingly releasing any doubts you may harbor and in deepening the process of connecting with your partner. Love is vulnerability and sharing who you are is a courageous process. We all come with a lifetime of experience into the marriage. It’s time to start nurturing yourself and each other so that you can grow into who you’re meant to be as a couple.  (additional $160)

… And Set Yourselves Up for Success

No one ever knows what it is like to be a husband or wife until the time comes. First there is the honeymoon stage where the bliss of the new commitment consumes everything, and then a new reality sets in and all of a sudden we are struck by how different we and our lives have become. This does not have to be shocking or frightening. I can instead be exciting and energizing. Commit to meet with Stacey 6 months to a year after the wedding for a shamanic healing session to receive the gifts and power you need as you step into your new roles. Receive valuable insights into how you both have begun to weave together and set yourselves up for a lifetime of success. (additional $160)

I adore performing weddings. For me, there is nothing more fascinating, more pivotal than the union of two souls. The happiness that abounds on wedding days as well as the extraordinary amount of love that radiates from a couple is nothing short of miraculous. I understand the power of this connection and am so grateful to have the opportunity to help couples set the stage for a lifetime of love and happiness together. A couple’s unique signature of desires and needs for how they will form their commitment to each other is a gift and I am delighted to help them move this expression into the world.”  – Stacey L.L. Couch

Travel and lodging to locations more than 70 miles from Pagosa Springs, CO must be reimbursed. Contact for references/details.

About Author, Stacey L. L. Couch

stacey couch spiritual directorStacey L. L. Couch is a Spiritual Director who teaches about archetypes and symbolism. Her speciality is working with soul pioneers - those of you who are making it up as you go along the spiritual path. She works with beginner and life-long spiritual seekers. Through working with Stacey, lost seekers find their way home and professional spiritual guides receive mentorship. Stacey empowers people with the ability to explore their purpose and calling. Wisdom found in story, mysticism, and nature provide guidance and healing in her work. She is the author of Gracious Wild: A Shamanic Journey with Hawks.  She values mindfulness, wonder, and compassion in her daily spiritual practice. Learn More about Stacey.

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