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How to: Grounding

It is hard to trace back to when the term “grounding” became a way to describe relieving stress, being calm, and becoming present. I hear so many people use it casually in every day language, but stop for a moment and think. Do you really know what grounding means? This is a worthwhile contemplation because if you don’t know what it means then you won’t know how to do it. It becomes this intangible thing that you think you should be doing but that you can’t, another thing you fall short of and beat yourself up for.

The word “ground” is synonymous with soil, earth, and foundations. Thus, it goes to follow that “grounding” is connecting with or touching the ground. We so often jump to the solution – of a calm state – that we skip right past how to get the calm state. Connecting with the earth is the act of grounding. Feeling calm, centered and at peace is the state of being grounded that comes from this connection. Rather than focus on the goal of a calm state in the midst of the chaos of your life, I encourage you to set your sights on what you can accomplish on a daily basis and on what tools you can employ to help you accomplish this. There are many helpers that come from nature herself that are here with the specific purpose of helping us connect back to the Mother.

Simple tools and techniques you can work with to connect with the earth and ground yourself are: (1) Carrying, holding, and befriending stones (especially the types those listed in the photos below) (2) Touching and watching trees (3) Carrying a piece of bark from a favorite tree (be sure to leave an offering for what you collect) (4) Walking barefoot or at least in a way where you are conscious of the sensation of the earth’s surface pressing on the soles of your feet (5) Wearing essential oils or burning a candle. Oils in particular to use include those of trees (pine and spruce) as well as oils made from roots like vetiver (6) Resting in nature by sitting or laying on the ground

Now we get to benefit from the wisdom of my dear friend Katja Langholz of Mineral Amorphia. She wanted to share about grounding stones and gave permission for me to re-post her content. You can visit her Facebook page and shop her glorious store virtually at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mineral-Amorphia/186240258002

From Katja: I would like to share some thoughts on grounding stones. Many consider Hematite THE grounding stone and it is fabulous! As an iron oxide it helps bring our higher frequencies in harmony with those of the earth. But also my experience Hematite can be too much for some people, who are very sensitive. It’s vibration to me is that of the vibrant core, that is fluid, which is great but not always stabilizing.

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There are many facets to grounding and many more stones that lend their energy to helping us understand our physical reality better. It is fun to play with different grounding stones and see, which we resonate with most and why. This can change at different times, as we move through our personal evolution, grow, expand and experience. Happy grounding!!!

You can read about how Katja’s wisdom and connection to the mineral world has changed my life in a former blog post titled “In the Flow”

In the Flow

What an interesting phrase: “In the Flow.” These days it is used to explain some great psychedelic high in a movie cast with characters doped up and checked out. Or you’ll find it in reference to an especially loquacious portion of a rap song. But, I’ll give the credit for its current meaning in my life to my friend who owns a mineral shop in Kauai. She used it in conversation the other day saying about a person she’d introduced me to that “they’re in the same flow we are.”

I spent my last weekend with my friend at the Denver Gem and Mineral show wandering at her side as she purchased inventory for her store. As usual, the experience of being surrounded by so many amazing specimens from the Earth was shear joy, but this time I had a window into the show that, at the risk of sounding cliche, changed my life.

There was the meteroite guy from South Africa who, after inviting us to sit behind his tables to sort through red sugilite, pointed out a stunning piece of flourite sitting on the floor. He pulled a magazine up that had been propped open against the same piece and showed us the photo of the stone. “What better place for a museum quality flourite than the floor?” we chuckled. There was the couple who had quartz clusters bigger than a riding lawnmower and amethyst geodes that wouldn’t fit through the door of my house. We shared potato chips over citrine spheres. There was the opal dealer from Oregon who shared stories about his increasingly rebellious son with a warm smile on his face, or, on second thought, was it the glow coming from the opals?

Here were these vendors sitting on tens of thousands of dollars worth of inventory during hard economic times. Sure we met the cranky ones who had worry lines etched in their face, and we were grateful for the good deals they offered and quality stones they carried, but it was the glowing people we spent hours with. The light through the minerals sparkled in their eyes. They were constantly moving the lamps in their booths to show us the color in the stones. They were absolutely high and in love.

My friend and I debated as to if these stones could be considered a “luxury item” or not. I felt so because if I were living off the land I would live well, but not have access to aquamarine from Nepal. She disagreed because even when she was a poor student she spent her money on stones. They offer as much sustenance to her as the tomatoes in my garden do to me. Point well taken.

Regardless of if the minerals are a necessity or not, there is a fabulous culture surrounding them. All these people loving what they do, allowing precious stones and money to flow in and out of their lives like a fresh breeze, traveling the globe either literally or through contact with the stones, and living well while they do it. It was truly infectious. Maybe I’ll quit my day job and hit the road?

Here are some journey question ideas in regards to the article “In the Flow”… Remember to be kind and gentle with yourself in this inquiry. There is no judgement, no right or wrong… just your invaluable experience …

1. Can I recognize when others are in the flow of creation?
2. What does it feel like to observe and how is it when I experience it myself?
3. If I recognize this movement in the world, when was my most recent experience of it?
4. If I can’t observe or experience this, what are the blocks to me doing so?
5. What is my definition of “In the Flow”? How does it taste, feel, look, sound, etc.?