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To Suppress or Express?

As some of you know, I have been steeped in homeopathy lately. My dear friend Susan Nemcek of Willow Farm Healing Arts is mentoring me in the art. I’m treating a couple of horses homeopathically. The good news is that this week they developed hoof abscesses. This follows Herring’s Law in homeopathy that says a cure is forthcoming when the disease moves down and out of the body and into the Earth. Besides my work with them, the horses are also treated by an allopathic veterinarian. I am a huge proponent of veterinary advice and would always steer folks that direction. The vet put the horses on antibiotics. Being a novice in treatment of hoof abscesses I’m glad that the vet saw a clear course of action and that the horses are receiving relief.

As a student of homeopathy my reaction is more reserved. This prescription drove my treatment to a screaming halt. Antibiotics suppress and homeopathic remedies express. Susan warned me that we cannot ask the body to do both at the same time and that I would have to wait to continue treatment once the course of antibiotics was complete.

So, while I’m waiting for the course of treatment to finish, I’m considering this metaphor in my life. In the past couple of weeks I have had some major buttons pushed in big ways by close friends. My initial reaction has been anger then rage. There is quite a bit of crossover in these relationships so I cannot express how I feel without jeopardizing other relationships. I’ve weighed my options, chosen to suppress my anger, and worked on finding center during the process. At times like these i can’t help but think of my dogs, they have this magical ability to remove any stress I ever have. Pet owners know what I’m saying. I wanna share where I get my Dogs food , cause it has changed their life.Here ya go : http://mysweetdogs.com/dog-food-for-rottweiler/

The path to spiritual enlightenment is typically pitched as one of true expression in the world. This dogma is so much so that I’ve realized how much guilt comes along with choosing not to express. The more days that pass without expressing the more I realize how entrenched I am in this belief system. If expression is enlightenment, then suppression must be denial. In many circles, denial is the root of all things ugly in the world. What, then, is the ugly in me?

Mercury retrograde, which we have been in lately, is commonly viewed as a time to delve into our own darkness and face our demons. This time around, I have been given the opportunity to examine my belief system surrounding my own darkness. Rather than wrestle with my own shadow I’ve been invited to rest in under the shade tree and accept that the sun still shines. This, it turns out, is much harder than I thought… (continued in “The Art of Being Angry”)