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About Stacey Couch

Celebrating Wild Gratitude's 10th Anniversary!

Wild Gratitude LLC was officially established in 2013, and Stacey has been working professionally in the field of shamanism and spiritual direction for 17 years (since 2006). 

Meaning of Wild Gratitude

Wild Gratitude is a practice grounded in the sacredness of nature. It is about gratitude for all things wild, all things having to do with nature, including our own nature. Here at Wild Gratitude, gratitude is about more than simply being grateful for the gifts nature gives.

Wild Gratitude is about allowing wild spaces, wild animals, wild plants, and wild cycles to direct us to the Giver. Wild Gratitude means cultivating a loving relationship with the Divine Source of all life and our own wild souls.

Who Wild Gratitude Serves

At Wild Gratitude, my core value is inclusiveness. I serve people of all spiritual paths, faiths, races, genders, and sexual orientations. I highlight BIPOC and LGBTQ+ authors and teachers along with authors and teachers that support these communities. I am a person with a disability and honor the wisdom that people with disabilities and illnesses (physical, mental and emotional) bring. I embrace diversity in my own teachings and in the resources that I refer clients and students to. 

Welcome to Interspiritual People

My practice is non-denominational and interspiritual. People from all and any spiritual paths are welcome. Many clients who come to me hold a variety of beliefs from different spiritual, religious, and mystical teachings. Rather than watering down belief, I find that this diverse approach to understanding the Ineffable allows for more compassion with ourselves and others. The path of the interspiritual person brings a unique and deep wisdom for those seeking to know more about the Divine.

People that come to me for support are often engaged in the following dialogues. I am a specialist in these areas:

Life Transformations - Many clients come to me when they are considering or in the midst of a major life transformation. This change often involves a spiritual awakening and/or a shift in extrasensory awareness. It can also be an external shift such as a career change, starting a new business, retirement, change in romantic relationship status, change in parenting role, or relocation.

Challenges of Care Giving - Caregivers need soul care more than anyone, and I specialize in working with caregivers of all types. I offer support to professionals in nursing, social work, psychology, spiritual direction, energy healing, life coaching, and more. People caring for elderly or disabled loved ones and those caring for loved ones suffering with substance use disorder are often among those I work with. I know the struggles of caregiver fatigue and the teachings of the 12-step programs such as Al-Anon and AA.

Desire to Make Ourselves and the World Better - I work with adults of all ages, from all over the world, and from many different cultures and backgrounds. What weaves everyone together is a commitment to bettering ourselves and to making the world a better place. 

Faith Deconstruction and Spiritually Unaffiliated - People experiencing loss of faith in a religious institution (faith deconstruction), and those who aren't affiliated with a religion or spiritual path deserve soul care. I support people through the doubt, confusion, sense of being lost, and loneliness that comes with not belonging to a specific ideology. In my practice, all questions are welcome and valid. We embrace the wisdom of not knowing and work to find comfort in mystery.

About Stacey Couch

Spiritual Director, Shamanic Teacher & Archetype Analyst

Stacey Couch facilitates the sacred bond between humans, nature and the Divine. She is devoted to helping spiritual seekers discover their inner wisdom and enter into an intimate relationship with their soul. Well versed in spirituality and symbolism, Stacey supports your ability to see the overarching cosmic design in your life. Her approach is inter-spiritual and holds a reverence for all paths that lead to the Divine. Decades of experience with nature, shamanic, archetypal, and spiritual studies creates Stacey’s unique blend of rational and mystical perspectives. She believes that by guiding others toward truth, compassion, and service that she also serves Mother Nature.

What to know about me...

I Practice What I Teach

I am loyal to my spiritual practice and have a fierce devotion to the One Who Moves Through All Things. This requires loads of patience with myself and my life. I regularly set time aside for contemplation and solitude to listen to my dreams, study the cycles of nature, journal deep insights, and reflect on my interior life. My spiritual practice carries with me throughout my day, and I endeavor to live as a mystic without a monastery. Studying the mystics and reading deep spiritual texts from many different faiths is a great passion of mine. In addition, I have my own Spiritual Director that I meet with regularly.

Animals, Ecosystems, and the Environment are My Thing

Graduating from the University of Washington in Seattle with honors in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology and spending years working outdoors as a professional Wildlife Biologist, I have the academic background to support my lifelong passion. All of the research projects I participated in were focused on making a difference and helping save the planet. I still go birding and study wild plants.

My Spiritual Practice Includes Making Art

I have always loved to write and this is my primary form of artistic expression. I've written continuously throughout the whole of my life and consider writing an important part of my connection to the Creator. I immensely enjoy the visual arts of photography, painting, and drawing. I also have a background in wildcrafting, growing and making herbal medicines. Art is one of the ways I stay in dialogue with my soul. You can see my visual art on my Instgram @wild.gratitude, and my writing on my blog.

I Lived Alone on an Island!

My ultimate dream of saving an endangered species was realized when I was hired to work on an island in an endangered fox captive breeding program in 2001. Little did I know that my time alone on an island would cause me to question everything. The isolation was an accidental vision quest that spurred a complete life change. I left the scientific field and went soul searching with the help of two hawks and a shamanic teacher. This story is covered in my book, Gracious Wild: A Shamanic Journey with Hawks.

I Grew Up Studying Energy Medicine

As a child, I had the great serendipity of being mentored by a group of wise women, including my mom. They taught me about energy anatomy, spirituality free from religion, healing with light, symbolic sight, and spirit animals in the early days of what is now the current day alternative healing movement. I received my first past life regression at 12 or 13 and my first energy treatment around the same age. Heal Yourself by Louise Hay was my initial go-to guide in therapeutic healing.

My Lifestyle is About Sustainability

I live on a 38-acre small mountain farm outside of Pagosa Springs, CO (southwest Colorado) with my husband, son, cat, dog, chickens, and two horses. We have a year round food garden, harvest our own eggs and honey, and heat our house with a wood burning stove. We use solar-power for all of our energy. And, I have all the amenities I need to I run my internet-based, global business out of my home. Rooting in the stewardship of a small farm and connecting virtually to many different walks of life around the world helps me honor the earth in a beautiful way.

What I Recommend You Read

Want to see my favorite books? Go to my specially curated booklists and find out!


One of Stacey Couch's passions is rescue animals, especially mustangs. In 2008, she adopted her first rescue mustang, Cherokee. Cherokee was 12 years old and came from a home where she developed an intense fear of humans. This is their story as of 2010 when Stacey had the life changing serendipity of learning where her mustang was born in the wild, visiting that beautiful place, and having the experience captured on film.

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