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Welcome to the Archetype List: A Guide to Personality Archetypes

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What is a Personality Archetype?

An archetype in general can refer to any image or symbol that is universal. Examples of archetypes are “home” or “star”. The Greek origin of the word “archetype” comes from the roots archē meaning “beginning or original” and typos meaning “pattern, model or type”. Simply put, an archetype is the original or first pattern from which all others are made of. An archetype is a universal symbol.

When we are talking about an archetype list that relates to patterns of human nature and behavior, we call them personality archetypes. For examples of archetypes, see the personality archetype you want to learn more about in the archetype list below.

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femme fatale archetype
don juan archetype
Dilettante Archetype
mentor archetype
exorcist archetype
destroyer archetype
companion archetype sidekick archetype
mystic archetype
rescuer archetype
the shape shifter archetype
visionary archetype
liberator archetype
explorer archetype
networker archetype
magician archetype
king archetype
hermit archetype
wounded healer archetype
goddess archetype
mentor archetype
lover archetype
martyr archetype
artist archetype
rebel archetype
warrior archetype
caregiver archetype
the trickster archetype
seeker archetype
archetypal hero archetype
healing the inner child archetype
detective archetype investigator

What Are My Archetypes?

When exploring the question, “What are my archetypes?” the best way to start is to go through the archetype list and read about those that you are most drawn to. Which ones in the archetype list immediately jump out at you? Click on the link and read more to see if the description fits. If not, move on to the next. Remember each personality archetype has its challenges (shadow) and gifts (light), and you should be able to relate to both sides of an archetype.

We all have a number of personality archetypes that we are working with at any given time, and there are some that stick with us over the course of our lives. Many of these personality archetypes are super obvious, while others may surprise you. Once you’ve zeroed in on the obvious ones from the archetype list, you can start exploring less familiar personality archetypes in the archetype list. When asking, “What are my archetypes?” it helps to approach the archetypes with an open mind and let go of assumptions, likes, and dislikes you might have about an archetype.

Examples of Archetypes That are Yours

It is important to note that you don’t have to have a job as a personality archetype for it to be one of yours. For example, someone with the engineer archetype may be awesome at organizing their kitchen, but have a career in nursing. To have the artist archetype, you don’t ever need to sell your art. Many people with the mother archetype don’t have biological children, and instead they mother their co-workers, pets, and friends. When asking, “What are my archetypes?” remember to be creative with the ways the archetypes show up in your life, and not always take them literally.

Creating Your Unique Profile

The reason you create a list of your own personality archetypes is to see yourself clearly. When you know your archetypes you can understand yourself better and know why you make the choices you do. You have the chance to know what motivates you and discover your gifts and challenges. A personality archetype helps you know what attracts you to someone or something. Personality archetypes are a powerful vessel for transformation and change, and living the authentic life you want to live.

To read an in-depth description of what a personality archetype is, go to this page.

Want to Learn More?

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