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This in-depth and powerful guide to spirit animals blends science, mythology, and symbolism. Learn how spirit animal meaning comes from an animal’s behavior and biology. Unique facts about how a spirit animal guide lives in the wild and its meaning to help you understand yourself better. Explore world myths related to spirit animal guides and how to apply the universal stories to your challenges and choices.

Bird Spirit Animals

turkey vulture spirit animal
crow symbolism
peacock symbolism
duck symbolism
falcon symbolism
what does dove mean dove spirit animal
great horned owl symbolism
meaning of turkey spirit animal
hummingbird totem spirit animal
meaning of red-tailed hawk symbolism
what does seagull mean
raven spirit animal
lewis woodpecker spirit animal
immature red tailed hawk spirit animal

Mammal Spirit Animals

Is my cat my spirit animal? Discover the spiritual connection between humans and pets. Photo of Stacey Couch's cat Rio.
Snow leopard spirit animal pictured in deep snow.
horse symbolism
dolphin symbolism
tiger spirit animal meaning
bat symbolism
spirit animal squirrel meaning
black panther symbolism black panther spirit animal
meaning of bear spirit animal
elephant symbolism
rabbit spirit animal
meaning of mouse spirit animal

Amphibian & Reptile Spirit Animals

lizard meaning
snake symbolism

Insect & Arachnid Spirit Animals

spiritual meaning of ant spirit animal
bee symbolism
spiritual meaning of butterfly spirit animal
Dragonfly symbolism
spider symbolism

Mythical Creature Spirit Animals

What’s My Spirit Animal?

Your spirit animal is a guardian angel that watches over you, protects you, and acts as your tutelary guide. “Tutelary” means to “serve as a protector, guardian, or patron.” They also go by the names of power animal and totem animal.

Find your spirit animal to experience a multitude of benefits. Knowing your spirit animal guide helps you know yourself better and fosters confidence and empowerment. A spirit animal helps answer important questions and clarify your choices. They point to new ways of being in the world and open your eyes to the invisible support that is all around. You may have already noticed that certain animals keep reappearing in your life. This is definitely a sign and means that your spirit animal guide is talking to you!

Spirit Animal Meaning

Spirit animal guides lend their power to us in the form of their innate gifts and talents. For example, a hawk gives us the power to soar over our lives, see far ahead, and get a big picture view. Click on any picture of the animals above to find the meaning of your specific spirit animal.

We believe that we are separate from our spirit animal guides. This is because we think we are separate from nature. We can’t be apart from nature any more than we can live without air or water. Spirit animal guides are an expression of who we are. Our spirit animals are always with us in the same way that our soul always guides us. To hear the guidance, it helps to read more about the meaning of spirit animals and their symbolism.

Author of this “Spirit Animal Guide”

Spiritual Advisor Stacey Couch has decades of experience studying wildlife biology. Her “Spirit Animal Guide” has articles grounded in scientific research and direct observation of animals in the wild. A wide knowledge of world myths, religions, and folklore allows Stacey to bring wisdom from collective stories into her articles about each spirit animal. This practical and universal approach to spirit animal meanings brings valid insights that ring true and resonate deeply with readers.

Want to Find Your Spirit Animal?

Join Stacey in the small group, online Find Your Spirit Animal workshop to learn what your spirit animal(s) are, received help interpreting their symbolism, and get all your questions answered!

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