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On-Demand Audio Classes for Authenticity

Go beyond the 12 archetypes to explore a wide range of personality archetypes. Receive countless insights found nowhere else about your own authentic nature. These on-demand audio classes transmit deep knowledge and are extensively researched. Through Stacey’s guidance, you gain fresh insights into your own stories, helping you navigate life’s twists and turns with clarity and purpose. Discover how to overcome your challenges and transform them into gifts.

Purifier Archetypes Class

purifiers exorcist destroyer liberator personality archetype class

In this four-part audio course on the “Purifier Archetypes,” Stacey Couch explains the exorcist, destroyer, and liberator archetypes. All three archetypes clear out the status quo to make way for an expansive, naked awareness. They purify us along the spiritual path and address the fears we encounter. The exorcist transmutes demons into allies and separation into union. The destroyer embraces the cycle of destruction to unlock hidden potential. The liberator uses wisdom to free us from attachment and suffering.

Child Archetype Class: Freeing Your Imagination

child archetype class

In this extensive self-guided, online audio course, Stacey Couch opens up the amazing universe of the child personality archetype. Every one of you has the child archetype within, and this personality archetype is tied directly to your wellbeing. When you learn how to unleash the child’s imaginative power, you are set free. You start by balancing the child’s paradoxical instincts. The child’s sweet innocence brings dangerous gullibility. The child wants to belong yet desires independence. She wants to grow up and be responsible but also stay young forever. Stacey details how embracing play and the imagination bring out the astounding power of this integral archetype. Then she uses fairytales and stories such as Thumbelisa, The Singing, Springing Lark, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, and many others to show how the paradoxes and faculty of imagination play out in different expressions of the child archetype.

Learner Archetypes Class

learner archetype student dilettante seeker

In this four-part audio course, the “Learner Archetypes,” Stacey Couch goes in-depth into the student, dilettante, and seeker personality archetypes. These personality archetypes are driven to know about the nature of life. They are all examples of archetypes that share a perpetual love of learning. The student converts experience into knowledge and wise action. The dilettante turns information overload into the grace of awe. The seeker transforms ambiguous questions into universal truth.

Nurturer Archetypes Class


In this four-part audio course on the “Nurturer Archetypes,” Stacey Couch illuminates the mother, companion, and servant personality archetypes. All three of these personality archetypes love to care for others and pour their energy into giving. They reach their full potential once they complete the journey through the self and into their unique form of service. The divine mother aligns with the cycles of life. The loyal companion softens the hardened heart. The humble servant embraces service to all.

Lover Archetypes Class

lover archetype don juan femme fatale

This four-part pre-recorded audio course on the “Lover Archetypes” defines the Lover, Don Juan, and Femme Fatale personality archetypes. Stacey delves deep into their history and expertly details the current cultural context of these fascinating personality archetypes. They are all examples of archetypes that are concerned with affairs of the heart. The spiritual application of these personality archetypes is also provided. The Lover shifts from personal to collective to embodied love. The Don Juan shows that the trick to thwarting hypocrisy is being honest and loving. The Femme Fatale confronts abuses of power with the agency of a loving heart.

Explore the profound world of personality archetypes with these pre-recorded audio classes. Dive into the realms of symbolism, psychology, and self-discovery as you uncover the hidden aspects of your personality. Going beyond Carl Jung’s 12 archetypes, these classes honor the diversity of human experience.

What is a personality archetype?

An archetype in general can refer to any image or symbol that is universal such as “home” or “star”. The Greek origin of the word “archetype” comes from the roots archē meaning “beginning or original” and typos meaning “pattern, model or type”. Simply put, an archetype is the original or first pattern from which all others are made of. An archetype is a universal symbol.

When we are talking about archetypes that relate to patterns of human nature and behavior, we call them personality archetypes. Some examples of archetypes are: mother, child, father, king, queen, angel, warrior, healer, crone, mystic, and hero. For more examples of archetypes, go to the Personality Archetype Guide.

Are there 12 archetypes or more?

There are more than the 12 archetypes that Carl Jung identified. In fact, there are hundreds of personality archetypes. These personality archetype audio classes provide the most in-depth information available anywhere on personality archetypes. Given that each class takes months to research, develop and create, not all personality archetypes are covered in these classes. For more examples of archetypes and information on them, go to the Personality Archetype Guide. Archetype analyst, Stacey Couch, continues to create and release new personality archetype audio classes, so remember to sign-up for her newsletter to receive updates on new releases.

Why these examples of archetypes?

With hundreds of personality archetypes to choose from, Stacey had to start somewhere. So, she started with the personality archetypes that her students talked about the most and showed the most interest in. If you have a personality archetype you’d like to see featured in an upcoming class, contact Stacey to let her know!

Spiritual Advisor Stacey Couch researches for her Personality Archetype courses

About Stacey Couch, Spiritual Guidance Teacher

Stacey Couch is a prolific archetype analyst, skilled in unraveling the hidden layers of universal symbols. She covers specific examples of archetypes in ways that no other teacher or author has done. Spiritual Advisor Stacey Couch values the ability to think for yourself, find your own spiritual guidance, and learn from experience. She was the lead teacher for an international school of archetypal studies for six years and has been an expert in the field of personality archetypes for over ten years. Thousands of students from around the world have benefited from her personality archetype audio classes.