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Child Archetype: Freeing Your Imagination

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In this extensive self-guided, online audio course, Stacey Couch opens up the amazing universe of the child archetype. Every one of you has the child archetype within, and this archetype is tied directly to your life force. When you learn how to unleash the child’s imaginative power, you are set free. You start by balancing the child’s paradoxical instincts. The child’s sweet innocence brings dangerous gullibility. The child wants to belong yet desires independence. She wants to grow up and be responsible but also stay young forever. Stacey details how embracing play and the imagination bring out the astounding power of this integral archetype. Then she uses fairytales and stories such as Thumbelisa, The Singing, Springing Lark, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, and many others to show how the paradoxes and faculty of imagination play out in six different expressions of the child archetype.

Full Description

Over SEVEN hours of in depth wisdom on the child archetype.


Freeing Your Imagination

The inner child harbors your utmost joy and your deepest wound. Your relationship with the child archetype is likely colored by how your actual childhood was, but the child archetype is neither good nor bad. She has the potential to be both and everything in between.

Every one of you has the child archetype within, and this archetype is tied directly to your life force. Whether you are trying to grow and move past a painful history or somehow preserve the golden years of your youth, a deeper understanding of the child archetype is life changing.

The innocence of the child brings both the joy of wonder and the danger of gullibility. The child craves belonging yet desires nothing but independence. She wants to grow up and be responsible while trying to stay young without a care in the world. The key to unleashing the child’s imaginative power is in balancing these natural, paradoxical instincts. 

In this self-guided online audio course, Stacey Couch opens up the amazing universe of the child archetype. She describes how to balance your inner child using play and imagination. 

When you are able to balance your relationship with the child archetype, you are able to more easily and brilliantly tend to your survival needs. Furthermore, when you understand how your inner child rules your behavior, you can break free of many unmet needs – the need to belong, the need to fly free, the need to be counted on, the need to be taken seriously. So many of these needs stem from an unbalanced relationship with the child archetype.

In the second half of the course, Stacey uses fairytales and stories such as Thumbelisa, The Singing, Springing Lark, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, and many others to show how these themes play out in six different expressions of the child archetype. In this online class, Stacey Couch details and compares these six patterns of the child archetype: Eternal, Orphan, Magical, Wounded, Nature and Divine.

What Is Included

This course includes a PDF course workbook with guided self-reflective exercises to help you integrate the material contained in the course. There are eleven pre-recorded audio sessions. The sessions are available for streaming or to download and listen to offline.

The first five sessions of this extensive child archetype course cover the following aspects of the child archetype in a broad picture:

  • The three paradoxes of the child archetype
  • The double-edged sword of the power and gullibility of innocence
  • Managing the urge to grow up and stay young that happen at the same time
  • Balancing responsibility and play
  • Navigating belonging and independence
  • How play is a necessary survival skill
  • How the power of the imagination makes a healthy inner child

The second six sessions of the course relate to six specific expressions of the child archetype. In this series of sessions, you can listen to each expression in any order to learn:

  • The depths of the Eternal, Nature, Magical, Wounded, Divine, and Orphan Child
  • How specific fairytales and stories give us insight into the patterns and motivations of each archetype 
  • The way each child archetype relates to the three paradoxes outlined at the start of the course
  • Where each child archetype uses her power of imagination to unlock her potential
  • The fully emerged light aspect of each child archetype

Course Outline

Session 1 – Three Paradoxes of the Child Archetype
Session 2 –  Shadow of the Child Archetype
Session 3 – Light of the Child Archetype
Session 4 – Play as Necessity
Session 5 – Freeing Your Imagination
Sessions 6-11 – Expressions of the Child Archetype

What You Get Out of this Class

When you find yourself saying, “Stop being so immature,” you’re likely guarding against the gullibility of the child in you. On the other hand, when you state that you “don’t want to grow up”, you are fighting against the natural pull towards responsibility inherent in every inner child. Society teaches us that life is about growing up and getting over the neediness, co-dependence, selfishness, and irrationality of the child. However, this life can feel stale and disconnected. Other people who never give up the innocence, light-heartedness, playfulness, and wonder of childhood find themselves constantly fighting against cultural norms. In this course, you’ll discover that it’s not an either/or choice, but a healthy balance between these instincts.

A cautious life independent of anyone can feel closed off and cold. A reckless, happy-go-lucky life co-dependent on others can feel ungrounded and unproductive. Realizing how our own child archetype responds to and views the world helps us navigate questions of independence versus belonging as well as responsibility versus playfulness. The gift of the child archetype is the ability to balance the maturity and wisdom that age brings with the open-minded and carefree nature of our youth. 

By learning to balance the motivations of the child archetype in you, your imagination is set free. Your imagination is a powerful, soul faculty that drives your creativity. The child archetype wields the imaginative powers with great skill. When she is balanced and in the light, you can use your imagination to play, work, create, love and live as you were born to.

What are Archetypes?

Archetypes are universal patterns of human nature that coordinate how we think and feel. All we have to do is say “angel” or “hermit”, and instantly, others know what kind of person we are talking about. This is indicative of the amount of power that each archetype contains. The Greek origin of the word “archetype” comes from the words archē, meaning “beginning or original” and typos, meaning “pattern, model or type”. Thus, an archetype is the original or first pattern from which all others are made. 

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Due to the nature of this offering where audio files are available for immediate download, refunds are not available.

4 reviews for Child Archetype: Freeing Your Imagination

  1. Debbie (verified owner)

    Once again, this is a gem! Stacey is a very thorough and delivers the material in such a way that it is easier to receive and absorb. She brings in a myth/fairy tale for each archetypal child, using symbolism found in each story to bring more depth of knowledge and understanding about the various aspects – light and shadow – of the children. In addition she describes the paradoxes, the imagination, sense of belonging, the importance of play and also offers tips on how to choose your archetypal child. All of which is excellently done! It has definitely brought me more depth of understanding of the child archetype. Many thanks!

  2. Aaron (verified owner)

    What a wonderful online class this was. I found it incredibly helpful and when used with EMDR it brought so many aspects of the child to light. It really is about balance and if you can balance the pardoxes of the child than there will be no need to have extremes. I found what Stacey said that we don’t have to choose particularly one or the other of the pardoxes we just need to learn to integrate and balance both of them. I would highly recommend listening to this online class of you are truly serious in freeing your imagination. Thanks so much Stacey for your hard work and putting this together.

  3. Heather Painter (verified owner)

    Stacey Couch has delivered again! Her depth of knowledge, insight through story and her research have created an amazing course of study in regards to the Child Archetype. I learned so much in regards to the paradoxes of the child archetype. I have always found it hard to find knowledgeable information on the Eternal Child archetype and Stacey really help clarify that for me in this course. I highly recommend this course for not only understanding your own child archetype but also understanding your loved ones around you. Insight into all the child archetypes helps to bring compassion and understanding to us all. Thank you, Stacey.

  4. Pamela Miller (verified owner)

    It was extremely helpful to take Stacey’s course on the Child archetype to more fully elucidate an understanding about the need for balance when considering the paradoxes and light and shadow aspects. Stacey has a way of breathing life into the material because of her ability to inter-relate a wide range of explanations that captivates the student. The knowledge you gain through her explanations has staying power and most importantly encourages the student to compassionately grasp the nuances that might otherwise be obscure. Her depth of knowledge on this material is extensive and frankly all the material she teaches is fascinating. Brava Stacey!

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