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What are Archetypes?

what are archetypes

When you look at her what archetypes do you think of?
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Mother, Father, Child, Fool, Queen, King, Prince, Warrior, Angel, Bully, Victim, Gambler, Rescuer, Thief, Goddess, Monk, Hermit, and so on…

Archetypes are names for a certain types of people. These names are easily recognizable by anyone anywhere around the world.

You know you are referring to an archetype when all you have to do is say the name of the archetype and nothing else. Instantly, anyone you’re talking to not only has an image of the type of person you’re referring to, but they often develop an entire story around that character without more than the one name. This is indicative of the amount of power that each archetype contains. Archetypes are “universal patterns of power” that coordinate how you think and feel. We all have certain archetypes that are ours to express, but it is easiest to start with looking at the archetypes other people have.

You might meet someone for the first time and say, “She’s such an angel” or when a friend gets pushy with you, you might exclaim, “Stop being such a bully!”

The Greek origin of the word “archetype” comes from the roots archē meaning “beginning or original” and typos meaning “pattern, model or type”. Thus an archetype is the original or first pattern from which all others are made of.

Knowing Your Archetypes Helps …Immensely

We all come into this life with a set of specific archetypes. These archetypes become life patterns that we express over and over again. The Rescuer won’t be able to help continually pulling those in need out of trouble, possibly at her own expense. The Hermit just likes to stay home all the time, and she is rejuvenated in solitude. The Artist is able to move others through creative expression, but she could never explain where this gift comes from.

Not knowing your archetypes allows these patterns to run your life without your direction.

Knowing which archetypes are yours tells why you are who you are and why you make the choices you do. With this awareness you have the opportunity to view your life objectively. Each archetype has a shadow and a light expression. When you recognize the shadow side of an archetype in yourself, you can consciously break the pattern of unhealthy behavior or choices. On the other hand, understanding the light expression of an archetype brings you incredible fortune and life experience and allows you to wield this archetype’s power more fluently.

  • Knowing your archetypes helps you appreciate the source and nature of your feelings and passions.
  • Once you understand this, you have the chance to shift the patterns that run your life (fate) to those that unleash your potential (destiny).
  • Your life choices change for the better in the light of understanding what your archetypes are likely to think and express.
  • Identifying the light and shadow expressions of each archetype offers awesome insight into your life circumstances, personal relationships and professional connections.
  • You come to know yourself in a new way. No longer will you wonder, “why did I just do that?”
  • Developing your authentic self by cultivating self-esteem is the greatest power you can strive for. Having a sense of who you are and honing that allows you to love others more fully and help change the world.

Reading your Sacred Contract

  • Have you ever heard the idea that, on a soul level, you decided before you were born what to experience and learn in this lifetime?
  • Do you believe that you came here with a certain karma to resolve?
  • Do you simply feel that you are here to fulfill a given purpose?

This is called your Sacred Contract.

The ability to map and read your Sacred Contract is possible because of Caroline Myss’s groundbreaking work developing the 12-Archetype Natal Wheel model. Through the use of this tool you examine your history and current choices from twelve different points of view. This model is similar to astrology in the revelations it brings, but much more simple to grasp. In astrology everything is predetermined. With the archetypal model, you get to choose which archetypes you feel are part of your contract. This makes the process interactive and fun.

What do I do as an Archetypal Consultant?

As a Certified Archetypal Consultant, I guide you through the process of selecting your twelve lifelong archetypes that you came into this world with and understanding your Sacred Contract. I share with you first about the four “survivor archetypes” that everyone has and help you select the right Child archetype for you. Among the choices are: Eternal Child, Wounded Child, Nature Child, Orphan Child, Magical Child, and Divine Child. I then guide you through the process of selecting the additional eight archetypes, casting your Natal Wheel, and reading the Natal Wheel to interpret your Sacred Contract.

Once you have your Natal Wheel in hand, you can work regularly with me to cast charts on current day situations and struggles. Both the Natal Wheel and working charts, open you up further to understanding and appreciating your own intuitive voice.

Reading the book Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss ahead of time can give you a giant jumpstart to the process, but I’m more than glad to start from scratch with you too. If you have a deck of Archetype Cards that is fantastic, but we have other online resources we can use too. To read from Caroline about your Sacred Contract, I recommend starting here.


Archetypal Consulting Fees

All sessions include a MP3 recording of the session emailed to you. All sessions also include follow-up support by email as well as additional resources emailed to you. Sessions can happen in person or by phone. Each service below builds on the next. I recommend you start with selecting your natal archetypes and go from there, unless you have prior experience with this model. Schedule an appointment and we’ll start from wherever you are.

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READING YOUR SACRED CONTRACT – $150 for 90 minutes

Stacey Couch is available for all services long-distance via phone, Skype, Google Hangout or FaceTime, which means she works with you no matter where you are in the world! Stacey can also meet in person in Pagosa Springs, CO or Boulder, CO on given dates. Call for more details. If you would like her to travel to you and you have a quiet, private location to meet, contact Stacey to discuss arrangements.

Contact Stacey at or call (970) 903-7180 to schedule an appointment.

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ANSWERS for what archetypes the woman in the photo could be: Angel, Mother, Lover, Goddess