• Spiritual Guidance Courses

Courses in spiritual guidance for students who are learning as they go on the spiritual path. The course materials are inter-spiritual, meaning they carry wisdom from many mystical traditions as well as wisdom from mythology and nature. Enter into an inclusive and diverse learning environment that embraces your questions and nurtures your soul. The courses are spiritual but not religious, meaning that they are for those of you on the outskirts of popular belief and those of you that don’t fit into a particular faith or religion. Students are a diverse group of individuals who describe themselves as inter-spiritual, spiritually unaffiliated, experiencing a faith deconstruction, and, simply, spiritual.

Small Group Spiritual Guidance Workshops

spiritual guidance workshops

Experience connection and belonging through Stacey Couch’s intimate online workshops. Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals as you explore the realms of spirituality and transformation. Dive deep into topics such as the shamanic journey, spiritual guidance, intuition, archetypes, alchemy, and more from the comfort of your home. Live, intimate gatherings of 5-9 students bring social connection, spiritual guidance, and enriched learning experiences. The spiritual path can be lonely, especially for those of us who don’t fit into one specific belief system or are spiritual but not religious. Stacey’s diverse community of workshop participants provides belonging and generates new friendships. Small group workshops provide a sacred space for everyone to safely and actively participate, express their thoughts, and engage in discussions. Each workshop curriculum is custom tailored to the group interests and pacing. New workshop offerings are always coming, so check back often!

Personality Archetype Audio Classes

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Explore the profound world of personality archetypes with on-demand audio classes. Dive into the realms of symbolism, psychology, spiritual guidance, and self-discovery as you uncover the hidden aspects of your personality. Join us to harness the power of personality archetypes for personal growth. Enroll now and embark on a journey of self-awareness and empowerment. These on-demand audio classes transmit deep knowledge and are extensively researched. Receive countless insights found nowhere else about your own nature and how to leverage the power of archetypes. Stacey Couch is a prolific archetype analyst, skilled in unraveling the hidden layers of universal symbols and finding the spiritual guidance within them. Through her teaching, you gain fresh insights into your own archetype story, helping you navigate life’s twists and turns with clarity and purpose. Discover how to overcome your challenges and transform them into gifts. Classes are available on the Child, Seeker, Destroyer, Liberator, Mother, Caregiver, and other personality archetypes.

Access spiritual guidance when working with Stacey Couch spiritual advisor.

About Stacey Couch, Spiritual Guidance Teacher

Stacey Couch values the ability to think for yourself, find your own spiritual guidance, and learn from experience. Her teaching in spiritual guidance is a co-creative process that values students as equal contributors. Stacey Couch specializes in working with students in life transitions, who are reimagining their spirituality, and who need their own soul care. She has taught small group spiritual guidance workshops to hundreds of students around the world and thousands of students have taken her personality archetype audio classes.