Spiritual Support Services

Stacey’s calling is to help you, the spiritual seeker, discover your inner wisdom and enter into an intimate relationship with your soul.

Shamanic Healing Services

Shamanism is practiced all over the world by individuals seeking personal enlightenment and by healers in service to their communities. At Wild Gratitude, you have the opportunity to learn about this ancient, very relevant, and powerful way to connect with your authentic self and higher power. Stacey L.L. Couch is a Certified Shamanic Practitioner that has been studying in the field of shamanism since 2003 and working professionally in the field since 2006. She is available to work with humans, animals, and places in person or long-distance by phone.
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Archetypal Consulting

Archetypes are names for a certain patterns of behavior or ways of being such as mother, warrior, victim, and rescuer. These names are easily recognizable by anyone anywhere around the world. We all come into this life with a set of specific archetypes. These archetypes become life patterns that we express over and over again. As a Certified Archetypal Consultant through Caroline Myss's CMED Institute, Stacey Couch guides you through the process of selecting your twelve lifelong archetypes that you came into this world with and then understanding your Sacred Contract. Learn about what you came here to do, learn and express.
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Spiritual Direction

Many of us start on the healing path simply because want to feel better, but true healing leads us into the sacred. Once we have enough of our gifts and energy on board we find that we stop pursuing the problems of our past and start pondering mysteries of the Divine. This is when our lives really open up and we are left with a lot of questions! As a consummate mystic, Stacey Couch brings years worth of study and pulls from a myriad of traditions and faiths to bring you the wisdom you need for where you are on the path.
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The service of Spiritual Direction also includes tutoring on the technique of the shamanic journey. If you'd like to work one-on-one with Stacey to learn how to journey for yourself, contact Stacey at for more details.

Stacey Couch is available for all services long-distance via phone, Skype, or FaceTime, which means she can work with you no matter where you are in the world! Contact Stacey at or call (970) 903-7180 to schedule an appointment.

Stacey can also meet in person in Pagosa Springs, CO. Call for more details. If you would like her to travel to you and you have a suitable, private location to meet, contact Stacey at (970) 903-7180 to discuss arrangements.

These methods are not intended to replace the advice, diagnosis, and/or treatment of a medical professional. It is recommended that you seek the assistance of a health care provider (or veterinarian for your pets) if medical attention is necessary.

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