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Small group online workshops with specialized guidance and support. Stacey Couch teaches on topics in the fields of spirituality, archetypes, shamanism, and more. 


shamanism workshop. shamanic journey workshop. Watercolor of a person climbing stairs to a tree with the sun lighting the way.

Beginning Shamanic Journey

WHEN: Two Mondays a Month 11:00am-12:00pm MST 
DATES: November 6, 2023 to January 15, 2024
CLASS SIZE: 5 Students 

Curious about shamanism? Wondering how to create a deeper spiritual connection? Join Spiritual Teacher, Stacey Couch, and four other spiritual seekers for this life-changing workshop to learn the primary technique of shamanism, the shamanic journey. Receive instruction for accessing the spirit world and gathering messages from the Divine. Much like a waking dream and known as "soul-flight", shamanic journeys allow you to connect deeply with your soul and experience healing. With Stacey Couch, you find a nurturing, creative learning environment from which to embark on the journey of realizing your authentic self. Compassion surrounds you as you experience the heart of the Sacred in love with you. 

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A crowd of blue and purple portraits of people facing right contrasted by the yellow and orange portrait of a person facing left for Stacey Couch workshop on Rethinking Archetypes

Rethinking Archetypes: Evolving Universal Symbols for Humanity

WHEN: Wednesdays at 11am MST 
DATES: November 8 to December 20, 2023
CLASS SIZE: 8 Students 

Want to understand more about human nature? Curious how archetypal studies can be evolutionary, healing, and adaptive? For students new to archetypes and those engaged in lifelong archetypal study, this workshop will change the way you view these important human symbols. In this six-session workshop, Stacey facilitates weekly discussions that encourage you to think for yourself about that which is common to us all. Stacey presents questions, challenges assumptions, and presents an experimental atmosphere for thinking about archetypes in an inclusive and groundbreaking way. This workshop is about openness and reimagining. The freedom to explore allows for creativity and fun along the way.

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Trusting your intuition workshop. A person sits in meditation under a rainbow colored tree with a starry night sky surrounding them.

Trusting Your Intuition

WHEN: February 2024 
CLASS SIZE: 5 Students

Join Spiritual Director, Stacey Couch, and four other spiritual seekers for a live online six-week workshop on trusting your intuition. We speak about wanting to trust our intuition more, but how do we go about doing this? This workshop is for seekers who want help understanding their intuition better and developing faith in their intuitive abilities. Since this is a small group, each member has time each meeting to share their experiences, receive direct feedback, and get supportive guidance. This workshop helps you discern between what is intuitive guidance and where you are making things up. You also receive guidance on how to overcome doubt and fear so that you can act on the guidance with more confidence.

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Introduction to shamanism workshop. Image of a woman with a lion and songbird.

Intro to Shamanism: A Global View of the Ancient Healing Art

WHEN: Spring 2024
CLASS SIZE: 9 Students 

Explore the origins of shamanism and its many branches. In this small group workshop limited to 9 participants, Shamanic Teacher Stacey Couch gives an introduction to shamanic practices at the root of every culture around the world. Receive an overview of shamanic healing techniques and begin to learn about your personal connection to shamanism. Questions welcomed during this interactive workshop. No prior experience required.

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Watercolor painting of Krishna playing the flute with a peacock listening and peacock feathers in the background for Stacey Couch Bhagavad Gita Workshop.

Bhagavad Gita Workshop: A Path of Love and Service

WHEN: Spring 2024
CLASS SIZE: 6 Students 

Join Spiritual Director Stacey Couch and five other spiritual seekers for a live online six-week workshop exploring the ancient Hindu mystical teaching in the book, The Bhagavad Gita. This is the story of the divine incarnation of Krishna and his guidance for Arjuna at a critical turning point in Arjuna's life. Krishna helps Arjuna make the right karmic decision as well as counsels Arjuna on the nature of right action, selfless service, the nature of Atman (soul) and Brahman (God), and more. In this workshop, Stacey facilitates weekly discussions on assigned readings from the text. She provides insights into important passages and encourages students to share their perspectives in an inclusive and respectful environment.

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