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Small group online workshops with specialized guidance and support. Stacey Couch teaches on topics in the fields of spirituality, intuition, shamanism, and more. 


image of two birds holding each others tails with a fire and vessel in between foralchemical journeys workshop a shamanic inquiry into the elements

Alchemical Journeys: Sacred Space for Transformation

WHEN: Wednesday at 11am MDT / 1pm EDT
DATES: March 29 - May 17, 2023
CLASS SIZE: 5 Students - FULL

Are you in the midst of or ready for an inner transformation? Would you like to understand how to better tend this deep process? Join Shamanic Practitioner, Stacey Couch, and four other spiritual seekers for a live online eight-week workshop on "Alchemical Journeys: Holding Sacred Space for Transformation". Explore the ancient systems of alchemy and shamanism and see how they intertwine to facilitate inner growth. In this workshop, we build on the foundations of alchemy - the furnace, prima materia, vessel and baths - to become hands on practitioners of our own healing. Blending the practical and philosophical, the shamanic journey allows us the opportunity to work with the images of alchemy in a grounded way allowing change to take place on all levels.

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Trusting your intuition workshop. A person sits in meditation under a rainbow colored tree with a starry night sky surrounding them.

Trusting Your Intuition

WHEN: February 2024 
CLASS SIZE: 5 Students

Join Spiritual Director, Stacey Couch, and four other spiritual seekers for a live online six-week workshop on trusting your intuition. We speak about wanting to trust our intuition more, but how do we go about doing this? This workshop is for seekers who want help understanding their intuition better and developing faith in their intuitive abilities. Since this is a small group, each member has time each meeting to share their experiences, receive direct feedback, and get supportive guidance. This workshop helps you discern between what is intuitive guidance and where you are making things up. You also receive guidance on how to overcome doubt and fear so that you can act on the guidance with more confidence.

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