Spiritual Direction

what is spiritual directionWhat is Spiritual Direction?

Many of us start on the healing path simply because want to feel better, but true healing leads us into the sacred. Once we are empowered enough we find that we stop pursuing the problems of our past and start pondering mysteries of the Divine. This is when our lives really open up and we are left with a lot of questions!

What is Spiritual Direction? It is the process by which we explore questions about the nature of the cosmos, spirits, God and our soul. Spiritual Direction is a dialogue between a guide (called a Spiritual Director) and a seeker that delves deep into the mystery of life.

In Spiritual Direction we explore mystical experiences that are beyond words, but that long to be expressed. In leaving organized religion, many people have lost a place to share their encounters with the Divine. A spiritual director can fill this gap back in and does not need to be associated with any particular religion or church.

The types of spiritual questions that are included in a Spiritual Direction session are:

  • What is my soul saying to me?
  • How do I know what the right thing to do is?
  • Is it possible for me to forgive and move on?
  • Where do I find the courage to get through this?
  • What do I believe?
  • What is the nature of my faith?
  • For what reason was I born?

Spiritual Direction is right for you if you are:

  • Wondering how to find and follow spiritual guidance
  • At a crossroads in life
  • Encountering the sacred
  • Seeking transcendental wisdom
  • Looking to fulfill your purpose

Spiritual Direction is not counseling, psychotherapy, therapy, or coaching which are meant to address the emotional and/or mental realms specifically. Spiritual Direction is focused on the soul and matters of spirituality. Although, you may discuss real world challenges in Spiritual Direction the goal is not to solve, heal or fix these challenges, but to approach them from a spiritual perspective. By doing this you discover untapped resources that are otherwise unavailable to you.

What Does a Spiritual Director Do?

We all have great intuitive abilities and the job of the Spiritual Director is to help you understand and trust your intuition more fully. There are also many messages and omens that come to us from daily life, dreams and visions. Symbolic sight is needed to help us understand what the Divine is saying to us and how to act on that guidance. Stacey Couch helps you learn how to read the signs in your life to make decisions, find support, and come into touch with the sacred in the mundane.

With a combination of inquiry and symbolic sight Stacey Couch helps you discover your inner truth. This work leads to your soul. Stacey is not interested in being your oracle or telling you how your experience is. She’s instead willing to pose possible answers or theories and help you learn to do the same. Spiritual Direction hones your ability to decipher your truth and, ultimately, the Truth.

As a Spiritual Director, Stacey Couch brings years worth of study and draws from a myriad of traditions to bring you the wisdom you need for where you are on the path. A consummate mystic, Stacey is not affiliated with any particular faith. Her work is non-denominational. She includes teachings from Buddhism, Shamanism, Hinduism, Christianity, astrology, mythology and more.

What Else is Spiritual Direction Helpful For?

Integrating a Healing

Shamanism fills a great gap in our society by bringing spiritual healing back into the fold, but healing is not the end of the spiritual path, it is just the beginning. A Shamanic Healing Session with Stacey can sometimes be a little overwhelming because so much healing and guidance comes back at once! You might find that you don’t want to continue on with another Shamanic Healing Session because you don’t want any more information just yet, but that you do want to continue working with Stacey. This is a great opportunity to schedule a Spiritual Direction session with Stacey Couch so that you can go in depth into what happened during the healing session and learn more about the metaphors and symbols that came through. This is one of the best ways to learn how to start working with symbolic sight, so that you can detach from the spectacle of your wounds and embrace the true power of your gifts.

Developing Your Own Shamanic Practice

Many people are looking for an opportunity to learn more about shamanism and the shamanic journey, but they don’t have the means to travel to workshops or would rather learn in a more private setting. Embarking on a shamanic journey on your own with only the instruction of books or recordings is relatively challenging. The optimal situation for learning how to journey is in a classroom setting because the energy of the group is extremely supportive. The second best option is to learn under the tutelage of a shamanic teacher such as Stacey Couch. If you are new to the shamanic journey, contact Stacey directly for an initial screening as she only takes on a few private beginning students at a time that show an aptitude for the work.

If you already know how to do shamanic journeys and you’re either looking to refresh your skills or refine them, Stacey is available to work with you long-distance or in person to determine the best course of action. You’ll find that Stacey’s ability to help you determine a goal and to structure a curriculum for you will support you in getting further in this work than you ever imagined. She’ll not only take your knowledge of shamanism and the shamanic journey to the next level, Stacey will also help develop journey questions for you depending on what you are working through in your life. The entire process is meant to take you towards direct revelation, the ability to seek and understand your own guidance more fully.

Spiritual Direction Session Fees

All Spiritual Direction Sessions fees include a MP3 recording of the session emailed to you. All sessions also include follow-up support by email.

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Stacey Couch is available for all services long-distance via phone, Skype, Google Hangout or FaceTime, which means she can work with you no matter where you are in the world! Contact Stacey at info@wildgratitude.com or call (970) 903-7180 to schedule an appointment.

Stacey can also meet in person in Pagosa Springs, CO year-round as well as at an office in Boulder, CO on select dates. Call for more details. If you would like her to travel to you and you have a suitable, private location to meet, contact Stacey at (970) 903-7180 to discuss arrangements.

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