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fire prayer

Kneeling at the Hearth

First thing every morning throughout five or six months of the year, I build and light a fire in my fireplace. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to stay in bed past my husband so that he can warm the house before I crawl out from underneath my cozy flannel sheets and down comforter, but most mornings my duty is the fire. When the routine starts in November, I do it begrudgingly. I dislike getting up and fumbling in the dark for…

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duckling rescue

A Duckling Rescue Story

I had a thought provoking comment on my blog about Dove Spirit Animal today from a fellow who was moving across the country and took a wild mourning dove with him. After three days in the car together, the man released the dove in a completely new habitat. You’ll have to read his story as well as my response to see what path that leads down. Through his question another thread spoke to me in the form of a memory I…

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being compassionate

Are You Good at Being Compassionate?

Discovering Your Capacity for Being Compassionate About two years ago I added two questions to my intake form for new clients. I put the questions on my intake forms to learn more about each individual client and how she sees herself. The plan was to garner information from how these questions were scored and use it to tailor the content of conversations to best help each person. Here are the questions: On a scale of 1 to 10 how compassionate are you with others?…

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understanding solitude

The Seriousness of Solitude

I was brought to tears this morning by the most surprising of lines in a book: “I see more and more that solitude is not something to play with. It is deadly serious. And much as I have wanted it, I have not been serious enough. It is not enough to ‘like solitude,’ or love it even. Even if you ‘like’ it, it can wreck you, I believe, if you desire it for your own sake.” – Thomas Merton in…

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spiritual companion

How To: Finding Soul Friendship

In my article on red-tailed hawk spirit animal I encourage people to identify and connect with their tribe and for good reason. You may be surprised to learn that many people I encounter feel disconnected from a sense of tribe. They feel alone. So many people long for companionship. Often each person thinks, interestingly, that they are the only one that feels this way. There is a huge chunk of who they are that they both fear and yearn to share. There are a fair share of…

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problem solving for the soul

Problem Solving for the Soul

We adore logic. For many of us, we enter our spiritual practice with the fervor of a crime investigator trying to solve the mysteries of our lives, especially our past and wounds. This may be the default setting for most people in their spiritual practice. Many become brilliant scholars of the spiritual path and make fantastic inroads to enlightenment through the faculties of the mind. However, the great masters teach that reason and analysis are the enemies of a deep spiritual practice. Reason…

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st francis of assisi pope mother earth

The Pope and Our Sister, Mother Earth

Pope Francis is making news by acknowledging that climate change is an urgent situation we must all face. The bigger breakthrough that news stations and bloggers are missing altogether is the way the encyclical, and thus the Pope, personifies the Earth. The Earth is called “Mother Earth,” “sister”, and “she”. I don’t know enough about the Catholic church to know if it is standard procedure to speak of the Earth in this way at the highest levels in a worldwide edict (please…

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dreaming the law of attraction

Dreaming the Law of Attraction

With the enormous surge of study into the law of attraction lately, so many people are learning how the act of dreaming can attract what they desire. Some teachers and coaches focus their entire practice on teaching this one mystical law. It’s effects are that fascinating and mind boggling. Anyone who’s wished for something big and had it come to pass knows what I’m talking about. Understanding this one law of the universe does help us get closer to co-creating our reality, but some things don’t always…

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peregrine falcon sacred action

Sacred Action

The power of action is an amazing thing, but we often see action solely as a consequence of our decisions. As beings birthed of the Age of Reason, we emphasize the decision and how we come to it, separating it from the action that follows. We set a course and then ride it out. We tip the first domino and wait for the rest of the line to fall.I am coming to understand that in this mindset we lose so much. We zero…

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fate free will and karma

Fate, Free Will, and Karma

Most, if not all, of us have a desire to know our futures. A testimony to this is our media. There are so many movies, books, and TV shows that are based in the future. Then there are those that explore the concept of predicting the future and these stories either include an the oracle (think The Matrix) or a time traveler (think Back to the Future and The Lakehouse). There is an entire workforce of psychics that thrives on…

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