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Sober shamanic journeys using drumming instead of plant spirit medicine or psychedelics.

No Need to Trip: Sober Shamanic Journeys

Photo Credit: Kari Andreasen Going on a Shamanic Journey Flying out of your body and seeing things that aren’t in the room? Talking with spirit guides and flying on the […]

How to use your imagination to go on a shamanic journey.

Use Your Imagination for Shamanic Journeys

When You Use Your Imagination Society says imagination should be left behind in childhood. We dismiss experiences we can’t explain by saying, “It’s just your imagination”. So, to be taken […]


Benefits of Shamanic Journeys

The Shamanic Journey is Fundamental Shamans are known for their ability to enter an altered state of consciousness, called “shamanic journeying” to visit the spirit worlds. Professional shamanic healers understand […]

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Do Shamanism Beliefs and Other Religious Beliefs Mix?

Shamanism as a Container Unlike organized religions that tell you exactly what to believe, precisely when to worship, and literally how to talk to God, the practice of shamanism does […]

is shamanism a religion

Is Shamanism a Religion?

Is Shamanism a Religion? Shamanism is experiencing a great resurgence. As everyone figures out how to pronounce shaman and shamanism (the first “a” is soft, like an “ah”), there are […]

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The Shamanic Journey & Hero’s Journey (Part 3)

Crossing the Return Threshold So far we have seen that a person embarking on a shamanic journey follows the path of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. In this last stage, the […]

“Journey Circle” from Gracious Wild

In this excerpt from my book Gracious Wild: A Shamanic Journey with Hawks, I share the story of the first time I ever taught a group to go on a shamanic journey. […]

The Shamanic Journey & Hero’s Journey (Part 2)

In Part 1 of The Shamanic Journey & Hero’s Journey we explore the trials the hero goes through to reach the ultimate boon. The Ultimate Boon When we embark on […]

The Shamanic Journey & Hero’s Journey (Part I)

Delving deep for the last few months into Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero with a Thousand Faces”, I am astounded by the overwhelming wealth of information Mr. Campbell amassed in his […]

Medicine Wheel by Season

How to: Prayers for the Directions

In an earlier post on “Calling the Directions & The Medicine Wheel” I shared a definition of medicine wheels, how to move about the wheel, and associations with the directions […]

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“Passage” from Gracious Wild

The advanced student of shamanism learns many techniques including extraction, soul retrieval, and what’s called psychopomping. Psychopomping involves assisting souls that have died but not yet crossed over in getting […]

The medicine wheel and the qualities of each cardinal direction.

Calling the Directions & The Medicine Wheel

Working with the Medicine Wheel Honoring the directions within the framework of a medicine wheel is a common practice of shamanism found throughout the world and at the root of […]

The Little Selves Seen

Today I was sharing with a group the value of employing power animals to help us in our daily lives. I have a great egret that I call in to […]

Access spiritual guidance when working with Stacey Couch spiritual advisor.

About Stacey Couch, Shamanic Teacher

Stacey Couch values the ability to think for yourself, find your own spiritual guidance, and learn from experience. Her teaching in shamanism and shamanic journeys is a co-creative process that values students as equal contributors. Stacey Couch specializes in working with students in life transitions, who are reimagining their spirituality, and who need their own soul care. She has taught small group shamanic journey workshops to hundreds of students around the world for over 15 years.