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The Companion Archetype

The Companion Archetype A companion is someone who travels through life with another person sharing his or her ups and downs. The companion spends a lot of time at this person’s side and acts in a supporting role. A companionship is a partnership, a pairing of two people with one supporting the dreams and motivations of the other. The companion archetype is also known by the names friend, sidekick, wingman, and right arm. We all have friends and are friends…

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ME/CFS Awareness

A Call to Slow Down

Photo: Stacey Couch and her horse “Isabeau”. Photo credit: Estella O’Connell Hiding Behind the Teaching My career began centered around a memoir. My story opened up doors to spiritual insights. I stepped through those doors to share with others. Over time, my focus shifted from sharing to listening. I embraced the role of transparent messenger. To write down “I” has become uncomfortable again.  Spiritual correctness, which is similar to political correctness, says to drop the ego. In life and work,…

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Our Collective Crisis of Faith

Click below to listen to the full audio of Stacey Couch’s discussion of our collective crisis of faith and how you can help.   Wild Gratitude · Finding Faith in the Midst of a Global Crisis   Finding Faith in the Midst of a Global Crisis During these especially challenging times when our entire planet is facing a pandemic, a serious global health crisis, it is really important that we step back and take a look at how we are…

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mystic archetype

The Mystic Archetype

The Mystic Archetype The mystic archetype brings us into another world, the world of the soul. I have little hope to encompass the whole of the mystic archetype. However, I can direct you to the depths and the places to watch. A thick mist surrounds the mystic, shrouding her so you can never quite grasp her. To those around her she is a reservoir of peace. Inside she struggles in turmoil. The keystone of what makes the mystic relatable is…

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cherokee mustang in memory

In Memory, Cherokee the Mustang

In Memory, Cherokee the Mustang Eleven years ago, when I first met Cherokee I went to touch her. She turned and walked away. Weeks later, my husband asked about the big and powerful brown horse out in the herd. I said, “Her? Yeah that’s Cherokee the mustang. She won’t let anybody catch her.” Which was the truth. She was the least tame horse on the ranch. Weeks after that, my co-worker and friend said, “You should do some of the…

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vampire archetype

The Vampire Archetype

The Vampire Archetype A deep, dark aura steeped in mystery and symbolism surrounds the historically demonized, currently glamorized vampire archetype. Energetically, yes, the vampire archetype represents people who drain your energy. However, it goes well beyond this oversimplification. When you’re ready to go to bed, anyone wanting to keep you up and talk is going to be a drain on your energy. That doesn’t mean that they embody the vampire archetype. It means you’re tired and they’re not. When considering…

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dragon symbolism


Dragon Symbolism Writing about “spirit” animals does give me some liberties in that I can write about mythical creatures, thank goodness. That is because no spirit animal guide would be complete without a discussion of dragon symbolism. Dragons have captivated the minds of cultures around the globe for millennia. There is no escaping the maw of enchantment that comes when imagining the presence of such magic. Iridescent scales, marbled cat eyes, expansive powerful wings, and sharp teeth and talons flash…

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rescuer archetype

The Rescuer Archetype

The Rescuer Archetype In the self-help field the rescuer archetype has a fairly bad reputation for enabling others and fostering co-dependency. There is a hyper-focus on breaking the habit of rescuing others. We are encouraged to have more time and energy to be creative, and less stress and drama. However, the rescuer archetype has a light side that is a gift to humanity, and, if you balance this pattern well, to you too. This is an archetype that is judged…

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the shape shifter archetype

The Shape-Shifter Archetype

Recognizing the Shape-Shifter The shape-shifter archetype is a slippery archetype to define. One signature way to know you are in the realm of the shape-shifter is when you have a hard time figuring out who someone is. Just when you have them pegged, they surprise you and show up as someone completely different. If you have this archetype it is likely that you easily slip into the skin of other archetypes. You probably struggle to define yourself because you feel…

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visionary archetype

The Visionary Archetype

The Visionary Archetype The visionary archetype appeals to a lot of people. She is mostly known for her positive qualities of great imagination, forethought, optimism, and creativity. To be a visionary means to be forward thinking and be ahead of everyone else. Some people believe that the visionary archetype indicates exceptional intelligence because of the capacity to envision what’s possible. A person with the visionary archetype is traditionally seen as a natural leader in their field that other people admire.…

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