saboteur archetype

The Saboteur Archetype

The Saboteur archetype is one of the four survivor archetypes identified by Caroline Myss in her work on Sacred Contracts. Each of us embodies the four essential survivor archetypes from birth to death. The other survivors are the victim, prostitute and child. They are the foundation of what it means to be human. The survivors tend to matters of, you guessed it, our survival, but also our evolution. The lessons we gain from survivor archetype struggles are what bring us…

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detective archetype investigator

The Detective Archetype

We often think of archetypes as careers at first, but they are actually bigger in that they are ways of viewing and ways of being in the world. There are more armchair detectives than professional detectives. Any one of us can act like a detective and be under the influence of this way of thinking. Many people were born with the detective archetype and never literally become a detective, but they can’t help but investigate the people and situations in their lives. Light…

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