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mentor archetype

The Mentor, Teacher, and Student Archetypes

Think about what archetypes relate to learning. Typically the mentor, teacher and student come to mind first right? Over and over again, people lump these three together. However, these archetypes differ beyond the oversimplified distinction between who is in charge. The work of deciphering which archetypes belong to you is so important because it challenges you to get specific about who you are. If you are interested in knowledge and passing it on, could you choose just one of these three archetypes to identify yourself? How well do you know your…

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lover archetype

The Lover Archetype

The Lover Archetype True to her tendency for fluidity, the lover archetype often merges into other archetypes such as the hedonist, the goddesses (especially Aphrodite), the mother, the artist, the caregiver, the fool, and the Don Juan. This makes it difficult to determine if you are under her influence or if you should look elsewhere for insight. The biggest difference between the lover archetype and all other archetypes is her lack of agenda in loving. She seeks love for the sake of…

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martyr archetype

The Martyr Archetype

The Revered Martyr Archetype In modern psychological terms, the martyr archetype is seen as a manipulative adversary, but her history is much more virtuous. To be a martyr used to be one of the most respected positions in society. There are countless monuments all over the world dedicated to martyrs. To Bear Witness The word martyr comes from the Greek word, meaning ‘witness’. To witness in this sense is a different use of the word than you may expect. The martyr is called to…

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artist archetype

The Artists Archetype

The Artist Archetype The artist archetype at the very core is connected, intimately, with the cosmic creative force of the universe. The artist wants nothing but to bring the abstract, intangible idea of beauty into form. This is no small task. It has driven many to madness. Many others have been emancipated by the opportunity to express splendor. What is in the realm of the unseen and the intangible, becomes able to touch, taste, see, hear and feel with our five senses. Art…

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The Mother Archetype

Let’s get the first, most obvious question out of the way. Do you have to have biological or adopted human children to have the mother archetype? The answer is absolutely, “No”. Both women and men can mother nieces and nephews, friend’s children, and adults who act like children. The mother archetype doesn’t require an actual child to nurture either. She can treat siblings, parents, friends, employees, and co-workers like children. She can mother her pets, her garden, and her land. Companies and organizations need plenty…

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rebel archetype

The Rebel Archetype

The Rebel Archetype Pushes Back Revolution is the first stage of transformation. The rebel archetype is the natural archetype to step in and help us break free of the mold. We all need at least a little bit of the rebel. Sometimes we need every ounce of rebel’s power pushing back against the tide of what we’ve made of our lives. Do you just want out? Have you had enough and do you want it to end already? The rebel archetype is…

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warrior archetype

The Warrior Archetype

The warrior is a masculine archetype, but this does not mean that women can’t express the characteristics of a warrior. From what I’ve seen women are just as likely as men to fall under the influence of this pattern. The word warrior contains the word “war”, which is what this archetype is about. Conflict is the name of the game. The Warrior Archetype in Battle To exist the warrior needs a battle to fight. The first question you must ask…

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caregiver archetype

The Caregiver Archetype

One of Carl Jung’s primary archetypes, the caregiver archetype is akin to the servant archetype in Caroline Myss’s model. Many people lump a whole host of archetypes under the umbrella of the caregiver which can confuse our understanding of this fundamental archetypal pattern. Selfless Service of the Caregiver Archetype The main attribute that characterizes the caregiver archetype is a desire to serve others and to forget oneself in doing so. The path of the caregiver archetype is the same selfless action that Lord Krishna and…

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the trickster archetype

The Trickster Archetype

Daredevil skateboarders, snowboarders, BMX bikers, skiers, and motocross riders have an ever increasing dictionary of tricks. They are our modern day trick-sters, doing what defies logic and seems impossible while having a good time. An avid snowboarder for many years, I could never fathom what a rodeo flip was, let alone how to do it, but it didn’t matter, I still admired the beauty and grace of my trickster friends. These amazing tricks are a simple demonstration of how the…

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seeker archetype

The Seeker Archetype

It is no surprise that the seeker archetype is one of the most difficult to define. Pinning down this roving icon becomes even more complicated the longer one spends following her this way and that like the seed of a dandelion cast on the wind. The Seeker Archetype Searches for Truth The seeker archetype is looking for a thing, a feeling, a knowing, an experience called truth. This is not truth with a lowercase t mind you, but Truth with a capital T. Concrete physical facts…

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