mediator archetype

Archetypes: MEDIATOR

The Mediator Archetype Known as the go-between, the peacemaker, the middleman, the negotiator, the ambassador, the diplomat, the moderator and the liaison, the mediator archetype plays a powerful role in families, communities, businesses and nations. This level-headed force saves humanity from more disharmony, violence and war than we can imagine. The mediator archetype is part of the glue that holds society together. The Need for Harmony By definition someone who has the mediator archetype is “a person who attempts to make people involved…

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addict archetype

Archetypes: THE ADDICT

Addict Archetype We all have at least a little bit of the addict archetype in us. Sometimes it features more prominently than we’d like. We all have cravings, we all go overboard, and we all struggle to learn discipline. The shadow of the addict archetype shows up to help us numb depression, self-loathing, overwhelm, shame and other unfavorable emotions. When we feel an intense desire for control we do exactly the opposite, lose it. The most obvious addictions are to…

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hermit archetype

Archetypes: HERMIT

The Hermit Archetype First and foremost, you must know that not every introvert has the hermit archetype.  According to Susan Cain in her book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking, one-third to one-half of all people are introverts. If being an introvert meant having the hermit archetype, then one out of every two or three people you know would classify as a hermit. There are different percentages of introversion depending on which personality test you…

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sage archetype

Archetypes: SAGE, CRONE & GUIDE

Archetypes of Wisdom The sage archetype, crone archetype and guide archetype are variations on the theme of the wisdom. They are the wisdom archetype embodied in human form. Wisdom is defined as “the soundness of an action or decision with regard to the application of experience, knowledge, and good judgment.” People carrying a wisdom archetype are sensible, shrewd, and down-to-earth. Within the wisdom archetypes there is a balance between the left-brain rational capacity and the right-brain intuitive talent. In other words, these…

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wounded healer archetype


The Healer Archetype The healer archetype and the wounded healer archetype are extremely popular these days. It is really astounding how many people feel called to and covet these patterns of power. The upside is that there are more helpers out there healing humans, animals and the planet – maybe more than ever before. On the other hand, the popularity highlights the gifts, talents and light of the healer archetype while denying the possible destructive nature. The light aspect of the healer…

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goddess archetype

Archetypes: GODDESS

The Many Faces of the Goddess Archetype A galaxy of archetypes onto herself, the goddess archetype is one of the most profound and overwhelming archetypes to know. She is primary among female archetypes, embodying the divine feminine. She is the powerful, pure essence of what it means to be a woman. In her gifts, the goddess archetype radiates power and grace. People are drawn to her magnetic presence. She illuminates like the sun and perplexes like the night. She is enigmatic and timeless. There is…

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mentor archetype


Think about what archetypes relate to learning. Typically the mentor, teacher and student come to mind first right? Over and over again, people lump these three together. However, these archetypes differ beyond the oversimplified distinction between who is in charge. The work of deciphering which archetypes belong to you is so important because it challenges you to get specific about who you are. If you are interested in knowledge and passing it on, could you choose just one of these three archetypes to identify yourself? How well do you know your…

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lover archetype

Archetypes: THE LOVER

The Lover Archetype True to her tendency for fluidity, the lover archetype often merges into other archetypes such as the hedonist, the goddesses (especially Aphrodite), the mother, the artist, the caregiver, the fool, and the Don Juan. This makes it difficult to determine if you are under her influence or if you should look elsewhere for insight. The biggest difference between the lover archetype and all other archetypes is her lack of agenda in loving. She seeks love for the sake of…

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martyr archetype

Archetypes: THE MARTYR

The Revered Martyr Archetype In modern psychological terms, the martyr archetype is seen as a manipulative adversary, but her history is much more virtuous. To be a martyr used to be one of the most respected positions in society. There are countless monuments all over the world dedicated to martyrs. To Bear Witness The word martyr comes from the Greek word, meaning ‘witness’. To witness in this sense is a different use of the word than you may expect. The martyr is called to…

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artist archetype

Archetypes: THE ARTIST

The Artist Archetype The artist archetype at the very core is connected, intimately, with the cosmic creative force of the universe. The artist wants nothing but to bring the abstract, intangible idea of beauty into form. This is no small task. It has driven many to madness. Many others have been emancipated by the opportunity to express splendor. What is in the realm of the unseen and the intangible, becomes able to touch, taste, see, hear and feel with our five senses. Art…

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