Spirit Animals

Spirit Animals

Snow leopard spirit animal pictured in deep snow.

SNOW LEOPARD Spirit Animal

Snow Leopard Spirit Animal Ghosting and Going Unseen Known as the “Ghost of the Mountains”, snow leopard spirit animal teaches us how to be elusive. Her camouflaged coat, quiet movement, wary habits, and vast, inaccessible home range make snow leopard sightings extremely rare. Snow leopard spirit animal carries the ghost archetype. She’s an expert at ghosting. Challenges come with inhabiting the ghost. You can feel in between worlds. Be apart from the world. This is isolating and lonely, like haunting…

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turkey vulture spirit animal

Spirit Animals: TURKEY VULTURE

Turkey Vulture Spirit Animal Turkey vulture spirit animal relates to the raptor’s excellent sense of smell. She rides spiral thermals of wind and has the miraculous ability to neutralize lethal diseases. Native to the Americas, turkey vulture is a New World vulture who is connected with the power of the exorcist archetype. This article focuses primarily on the turkey vulture, and includes the symbolism of all vultures at the end. Turkey Vulture’s Discernment There is an old wive’s tale that…

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dragon symbolism


Dragon Symbolism Writing about “spirit” animals does give me some liberties in that I can write about mythical creatures, thank goodness. That is because no spirit animal guide would be complete without a discussion of dragon symbolism. Dragons have captivated the minds of cultures around the globe for millennia. There is no escaping the maw of enchantment that comes when imagining the presence of such magic. Iridescent scales, marbled cat eyes, expansive powerful wings, and sharp teeth and talons flash…

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lion symbolism

Spirit Animals: LION SYMBOLISM

Lion Symbolism The king of the jungle, lion symbolism represents royalty and supreme authority. Most people think that having lion as a spirit animal means they get to be the king or queen and boss other people around, but ultimately this is about ruling your emotions and actions. Forget needing to be in charge of the world. Be in charge of yourself. Having the true heart of a lion is being the master over yourself, acting from your values, and…

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crow symbolism

Spirit Animals: CROW SYMBOLISM

Crow Symbolism Just as crows proliferate in the company of humans, so too do stories of crow symbolism. Associations with crow spirit animal can vary from mischief to benevolence, from creation to death. Crow is the carrier of light and the embodiment of darkness. Crow is known worldwide and nearly every culture has myths about him. The symbology of crow is vast and contradictory and there is a lot of information out there about crow symbolism. Rather than go into a…

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horse symbolism


Horse Symbolism Horse symbolism, like a band of wild horses, could be explained in 1,000,000 words yet never be described. We try to capture horse spirit animal in our imaginations, yet fail. Our kinship with horses runs deep in the veins of our ancestry. Shrouded in mystery, subjugation, and liberation no quantification of the power of horses suffices. We always come up wanting for more. Rather than finding frustration when looking at what does a horse symbolize, turn this cart around and go back to where you…

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peacock symbolism


Peacock Symbolism The myths and legends of countless deities are soaked in peacock symbolism and adorned in the peacock’s iridescent tail feathers. Let me start with the short list of gods and goddesses that are associated with peacock meaning: Jesus, the Greek goddess Hera, the Hindu gods Shiva and Indra, the Greek god Argus, and the Hindu Lord Krishna. Not only are all of the friends of peacocks often deities, most of them are also the royalty of the heavens, the supreme of…

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dolphin symbolism


Dolphin Symbolism The medicine of dolphin symbolism is often expressed in simple, light-hearted associations of peace, joy, harmony and playfulness. Writers highlight how dolphin spirit animal teaches us to use our breath and work with Mana, or life force. All of these things apply, but dolphin symbolizes so much more. Of all the animals of the sea, it is likely that dolphin is the most trusted of human companions. ( with the exception of a really good surf board or the best stand up paddle…

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duck symbolism

Spirit Animals: DUCK SYMBOLISM

Duck Symbolism Often when I write these articles on spirit animals I like to take a systematic approach, but with duck symbolism there are forces at work that are drawing me a different direction. For the last week or so, I’ve contemplated duck spirit animal and what the meaning of these sweet, sweet souls is. As always, it is technically challenging to write about a group of animals that has over 100 different species with widely varied characteristics. However, I never expected this inquiry…

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lizard meaning

Spirit Animals: LIZARD MEANING

Lizard meaning is a global symbol, seeing that these tenacious and ancient creatures are found on all continents except Antarctica and in all environments expect deep ocean and extreme cold. The first ancestors of lizards arose on earth around 200 million years ago. There are an estimated 4,675 species of lizard around the world and they vary widely in shape, color and lifestyle. The Lizard Brain What all lizards have in common is the primal, reptilian brain. Lizards share this brain type…

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