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What is an Archetype?

An archetype can refer to any image or pattern than is universal such as the idea of “home” or “war” for example. The Greek origin of the word “archetype” comes from the roots archē meaning “beginning or original” and typos meaning “pattern, model or type”. What is an archetype then? Simply put, an archetype is the original or first pattern from which all others are made of. In this case when asking “What is an archetype?” we are talking about human archetypes. These human archetypes contain within them patterns or codes of behavior.

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New archetype descriptions are added regularly to this archetypes list. Click on any photo below to learn more about each archetype.

List of Archetypes

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The reason you learn archetypes is to see yourself clearly. By knowing your archetypes you can understand yourself better and know why you make the choices you do. You have the chance to find out what actually motivates you as well as discover your gifts and downfalls. An archetype helps you know what attracts you to someone or something. Archetypes determine what power plays you lock into and can’t stop yourself.

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