“What is My Spirit Animal?” Ebook

How to Find and Understand Your Animal Spirit Guides

Interested in finding the answer to the question, “What is my spirit animal?” what is my spirit animalIn this free and comprehensive guide not only will you be given instructions on how to find your spirit animal, you will also learn the following:

  • The definition of a spirit animal
  • Common myths and fears surrounding spirit animals
  • How to find spirit animal meanings and interpretations
  • Where to look up a lot more information about your spirit animals online
  • Tips for how to create your own spirit animal reading

Throughout the book are also a collection of meanings of different animals such as rabbits, magpies, ravens, and more.

Instead of having an online quiz tell you what your spirit animal is, how about using your own intuition and know-how to discover your spirit animal yourself?

This guide will lead the way.

 From the introduction:

Wild animals are reaching out to connect with us all of the time. First and foremost, I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to you for noticing their invitation and for putting in the additional effort in to learn more about the spiritual meaning of animals in your life.

You can benefit personally from exploring a relationship with spirit animals in a multitude of ways. Learning your spirit animal can change the way you look at yourself by bringing you a great sense of confidence and empowerment. Spirit animals also help answer important questions and prayers you are asking. They can point the way to new ways of being in the world as well as open your eyes to the invisible support of the spirits that are all around. You may have already started to notice that certain animals keep reappearing in your life. This is called synchronicity and this means that the spirits are talking to you. Congratulations! Now let’s learn what’s next!


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